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Let Christ Teach You


Our verse for today comes from Matthew 5:2, ” Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying. “


Did you enjoy going to school? Did you do well in class, or did you just get by? Were you prepared each day and on time with your assignments? Did you know a lot of people or hang with just a select few? Did certain subjects click for you and others seemed like a waste of time? And what about the teachers? Do you remember even today your best and favorites, as well as those who you could have done without? Do you look back and wish you could have done it differently, knowing now what is and isn’t important? I did pretty well in school. But I never knew what I was going to do when I grew up. So when I graduated from college, I had learned very little useful information, and had a degree that prepared me for absolutely nothing. But when I went back to school as an adult, I was focused and intent on what I was learning. There was purpose and a plan, with a much clearer goal. And that made all the difference in the world.


You know, Jesus taught His disciples many things. He used miracles, parables, visual images, actions (and non-actions), and His direct teachings. But He only taught them for one reason. So that they would learn. Everything that He did for them, and everything that He said to them, was intended to teach them truths from God. But they were just like us, weren’t they?

Sometimes they paid attention and sometimes they were clueless. Sometimes they wanted to learn and sometimes they weren’t real interested. So Jesus would tell them again, and show them again. But when we come today to hear Him teach, we’ve got to come intending to learn. We can’t spend time in class each day just so that we can get the diploma and wear a cap and gown. We can’t spend twelve years in preschool and then go out and do the work. So when you read the command, obey it. When you hear the parable, apply it. When you envision the miracle, stand in awe and worship the Great One who performed it. When He’s doing the teaching, be sure to be doing the learning. That’s how the relationship works.


As we seek Him today, come to Him hungry to know what He wants to show you today. Openly receive the lessons He has for you. Let the Teacher teach, and the child learn.

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