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God’s Timing is Perfect


Our verse for today comes from John 20:13, ” Then they said to her, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ She said to them, ‘Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him.’ “


What if Jesus had not risen early that Easter morning? What if Mary Magdalene, the other ladies, and Peter and John all came to the tomb and found it still sealed up, with no angels sitting there to explain that He was not there? What would have been their reaction to see the tomb completely unchanged, and the guards sitting there, smirking as they see the reaction of the visitors? What if, instead of Him rising at daybreak, Jesus had not risen out of the tomb until, say, later that morning, or sometime that afternoon? What would it have been like to know that Jesus was supposed to come back that day, but that day had come, and nothing had happened? Would Mary’s tears have been for a completely different reason? Would she have wondered why Jesus was not out, instead of wondering where someone had taken His body? Well, what do we do today, when we are expecting something from God, and the time comes and we’re still waiting? Where does our faith take us then?


So many times we can be like Mary, crying that Jesus is missing, not realizing that Jesus is already ahead of us, accomplishing what only He can accomplish. But when we turn our eyes to Him, He gives us even more than we bargained for, just like He did for Mary. For while she was crying, Jesus Himself came to her and revealed Himself to her, comforting her broken heart and restoring her joy. We can say that we know what Jesus is doing, that we’re clear on His timetable and vision, but when our schedules seem to get crossed, what does that do to us? If you’re expecting something from the Lord, and He seems to be tarrying, consider that He’s already done for you what you really needed. Look around and see if He is there already,and you’re just mistaking Him for the gardener. And if you do need to keep waiting, then wait faithfully like our Savior did. He waited for Sunday morning to come, when He could have risen any time He wanted. But His timing was perfect, just like it is now. Just like it will always be.


As we seek Him today, ask God for faith to wait on Him for as long as necessary. Ask Him for eyes to see Him if He’s already there. He is able to give you both.

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