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Follow Him Don’t Lead Him


Our verse for today comes from John 4:50, ” Jesus said to him, ‘Go your way; your son lives.’ So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him, and he went his way. “


It’s my way or the highway. Do you know someone who lives by that motto? I think it’s more prevalent in us than we would like to admit, we just don’t announce it quite so bluntly. But we are very accustomed to doing things the way we prefer, and we don’t mind trying to get someone else to follow our way. The government official, whose son is sick in our passage, is used to having things his way. So when he hears that the man who turned water into wine at that wedding earlier has come back to Cana, he sees the perfect opportunity to bring Him to his house to heal his boy. But Jesus isn’t real cooperative, even as the dad implores Him to come. Jesus only scolds the citizens all the more for seeking miracles rather than seeking a Savior. So the dad then takes it up a notch, explaining that this is a life and death situation, unlike the simple social embarrassment Jesus averted by making the wine. And Jesus still doesn’t go. But He does heal the child.


In His compassion and grace, Jesus gives the dad what he needed, what he ultimately came for. But he didn’t get it his way. And somehow, rather than insisting further that Jesus still come to his house, he simply believed what Jesus said, and went back home to check on his son. He actually dared to believe what Jesus told him, and then went to go check on the results. And this stubborn, insistent, and perhaps domineering official, who was probably not as important as he liked to think, found out that Jesus’ way was the right way. He found out His timing was exact. So he couldn’t help but explain it all to his family, and they, too, believed in the power of Jesus. The dad had to relinquish his plans in order for Christ to carry out His. It’s that same story we keep hearing from the One who is our Lord, not just our Savior. If we will follow Him instead of making Him follow us, then our lives will be different. Our families will be different. So give Him your plans, and then go your way believing.


As we seek Him today, consider whether you are following Jesus, or are you asking Him to come along with you on your journey. Ask God to show you the difference.

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