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Our Priorities are Demonstrated More by What We Hold Back than Give


Our verse for today comes from Luke 21:3, ” So He said, ‘Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all.’ “


When is a dollar not a dollar? When it’s your last one. There’s something very different about your last game, that last dance, the Last Supper. It means something different, something more. And understanding that, we understand why Jesus said that this poor widow, who gave her last two pennies in the offering, gave more than the rich who were dripping in gold by the handfuls. Her donation couldn’t pay for the bowl or chest that she put it in, but her giving came from some place deeper than the pockets that those rich people were drawing from. It illustrates a quote I read the other day that said our giving is not measured by the amount we give, but by the amount we have left after we’ve given. We’ve heard it expressed as sacrificial giving, or giving until it hurts. One author described it as our standard of giving affecting our standard of living. The proportion of our giving to our keeping seems to mean something to God. It reflects our heart, doesn’t it? When we share something, anything, with another, it’s almost impossible for us to give without examining how much we have and how much we’ll have left. What kid doesn’t fuss over having to give up more than half to a sibling, whether it’s dessert, toys, or part of the back seat.


But when Jesus said the widow gave more than all, I don’t think He was only saying she gave more than all the others who gave. I think He’s saying that she gave more than just all of her money. If our giving is measured by what we have left afterwards, then it’s got to be true of ourselves in relation to God as well. The widow gave her last two mites because she gave all of herself to God. He really doesn’t care about how much of our money or possessions we give, since He owns it anyway. He wants to see how much of ourselves we hold back from Him. The widow’s act is so powerful because she couldn’t help but give, for all that she was belonged to God. So, when you give something to the Lord, let there first be the offering of your entire self to Him. Hold nothing back, not even the best that you saved for last.


As we seek Him today, give that part of yourself that you have been holding on to. Give it through money, or time, or a humbled heart. Just be sure to give it.

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