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Jesus and His Resurrection


Our verse for today comes from John 12:34, ” The people answered Him, ‘We have heard from the law that the Christ remains forever; and how can You say, ” The Son of Man must be lifted up”? Who is this Son of Man?'”


Some time ago two separate, unrelated news stories from New York received significant national attention. First, a crowded Penn Station resembled the streets of San Fermin during the Running of the Bulls when the discharge of a Taser was mistaken for a gunshot. While officers were attempting to control a belligerent man in the station, hordes of people began racing for the exits, leaving behind belongings and valuables as they hoped to evade this unknown shooter. To make matters worse, the station was already overcrowded because of delays caused by a train stuck in a NJ tunnel for three hours. Fortunately, there was no gunman, and no one suffered serious injuries. The second news item involved the birth of a giraffe in an upstate park. April, the expectant mother giraffe, had evidently reached a level of fame through a live, 24-hour a day internet feed, as onlookers were able to monitor the progress of the pregnancy moment by moment for the past two months. And then, Saturday morning, after several false alarms over the previous few weeks, the six-foot tall baby arrived while almost two million people watched on YouTube and Facebook.


It’s fairly predictable what will become of these news stories. Their life span fades with each passing year. Fresh will be the next almost or actual tragedy involving a belligerent citizen, and a new internet sensation, perhaps with even more than four legs, will take the giraffe’s place. No new movement will arise from these occurrences, and few remember them as months turn to years. Christianity began with no more fanfare than these events. Or did it? The false prophet, another in a line of false prophets, had a small group of followers, tasked with spreading what they had seen and experienced. Their leader had died, but then come back. And somehow, that second life gave them new life. And when they shared it, others received new life as well. Only this one story can change the world. Go and tell.


As we seek Him today, carry the message of Jesus and his resurrection with you as time marches on towards eternity.

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