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Satisfaction in Christ


Our verse for today comes from John 12:13, ” So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him, crying out, ‘Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!’ “


Satisfaction could be defined as the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. Businesses put forth enormous amounts of effort and energy in the hopes of delivering satisfaction to their customers. It is that satisfaction, they have concluded, that will keep that customer as their customer. If you Google the word satisfaction, many of the images that are brought back are smiley faces and thumbs up. Folks are very expressive when they are pleased and full of joy. But way down near the bottom of all the search results was the saying that you may recognize. It is John Piper’s quote, ” God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. ” Piper calls it Christian Hedonism, expressing the convergence of our greatest pursuit of the will with the greatest purpose of our existence. Simply put, we are intended to glorify our Maker, and when He is our greatest pleasure, then He is most pleased and magnified in us. When Christ rode into town to the thrill and excitement of the crowds, they reveled in His arrival, likely hoping for a coronation of a deliverer and king. But when things turned ugly, and the betrayal was in full swing, their hearts and opinions were changed. To many were not satisfied with how things had gone, and too many anticipated the dissatisfaction that they feared would come.


There is a calling on our lives, as followers of Jesus Christ, to seek Him with all our hearts. We are charged, and even warned, to put Him first, above all others. For some, that is a struggle, perhaps even bordering on a chore. The desire may be there, but the joy is not. And it is that joy, that satisfaction and fulfillment, that makes the effort effortless. When joy is the reason, then joy becomes the catalyst. When the pleasure of Jesus is our desire, then the ends take care of the means. So if you struggle with satisfaction, ask God to change your palate to one that desires Him above all.


As we seek Him today, examine the myriad of things that fail to satisfy you, and turn your heart to the One who can.

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