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5 ASTOUNDING Things the BIBLE Has Taught Me.

The Bible is not just widely regarded as one of the most influential works of literature in human history. It has been translated into nearly every language, and some scholars believe it has been read more times than any other book on our awesome planet Earth.

The bible is a complex text, with many messages and teachings contained within its precious pages. Some may see this as a reason to avoid reading the Bible entirely, but for those who are, without a doubt, interested, it can be a tremendously rewarding experience.

No1. The Bible Has Taught me That The Bible is Full of Wisdom!

You probably know that there is some valuable information within the Bible, bible is made out of 66 books, however, Catholics may have more books, but I won’t go into that now, The Bible contains valuable information, not only about life but about God himself.

You see, God has revealed himself through this book to the reader, as for me, when I became a Christian at the age of 14 my life changed, I learned a lot from my mistakes, and I learned things that I could have never known if not for this book, this book not only taught me about God but the correct way to live my life, how to make the right decisions, how to avoid falling into the same pit that we often dig for ourselves, and many more.

No2. The Bible Has Taught me to Forgive, And To Accept People The Way They Are

This is a big one, throughout my life, I really disliked a certain group of people, for several reasons that I won’t mention, however, while arguing from a Biblical perspective, God has taught me to love, and to be compassionate to everyone, despite their background, and yes it is tough to do so, but that’s why the Bible says that we often fall short of the glory of God, our spirit is willing, but our flesh is not.

Up to this day, I do struggle, time to time, to accept everyone the way they are, the way they think and the way they are unique in their own way, but we should never get our picture of Christianity from an infallible man, rather we should get our image of Christianity out of the person of Jesus, who claimed not only to be God, but to have the power to calm the raging seas, and to forgive both the sins of the people and to heal the sick.

No3. The Bible Has Taught Me That Humankind Is Very Special

From a Christian perspective; we are created in the image of God, and hence, we have the capacity to reason, to exchange our thoughts with one another, be creative, and do many more things.

However, for me this does not end here, when God created this universe, it was created for us, not for so-called “aliens”, but rather for us, this might be controversial, but we are at the center of the Universe, we are more precious than the galaxies, the stars, and the planets.

And up to this day, God keeps revealing more and more wisdom to me concerning this topic, however, God created you and me for a reason, and that reason is to get to know him and to establish a relationship with him, after all, we are all alive because of His grace, despite the controversy.

No4. The Bible Has Taught Me How To Go To Heaven.

I find it very interesting when in John 21:25 it says that:

And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.

Jesus indeed did many things throughout his life, he established the forsaken and the lame, he healed the blind and the sick, he came not for the righteous but for the lost, that have gone astray.

This, by far, is one of the most important topics there is to talk about, God not only taught me how to go to Heaven, but now I can experience God’s benefits throughout every day of my life.

Here is one of the most famous bible passages in the bible that will help you to understand how can one become saved, it’s from John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

No5. It Taught Me How To Be A Better Version Of Myself.

We all go through trials and issues in our lives at some point, however, God and his Word have taught me the correct way to respond to problems we face, even though it might seem to be hard.

All the way, from anxiety and despair, to disappointment, these are all normal difficulties that everyone encounters at some point in their lives. Though we might not know what tomorrow holds, we do know how to live in the current moment with joy, serenity, gladness, and humility.


The bible is just an incredible book of wisdom, I can’t write everything that the Bible has taught me here, because this article would become 1 hour long, but if you are facing some issues in your life, open the Bible, go to the book of Proverbs or Psalms.

God will teach you how to respond to those raised issues, he will never leave, and he will never forsake you, and in fact, one of the most famous books out there on how to become successful is based on the principles of the Bible.

So, what have you taken away from the Bible, have you learned some valuable lessons about life from the so-called “good book”?

Guest Author | Nojus Tumenas

Originally published at https://medium.com/@NojusTumenas


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