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8 COVID Facts & Truths the Media Lies About Daily

There has been so much political rhetoric surrounding COVID vaccines that it is hard to clear the known facts from the hyperbole. Old data is presented as new. Adverse reactions are treated as probable rather than disclosed as being unlikely. Studies that don’t present the “correct” picture are ignored. As understanding of the pandemic increases, confusion reigns from the CDC, the Whitehouse, and NIH and NIAID (Fauci), as policies change. Outright lies are fostered by both sides of the media, under the theory that the ends (herd immunity vs. individual freedom) justify the means. Spending a considerable amount of time researching the issue, I would offer the following 8 COVID Facts followed by 8 Likely Truths the Media Lies About Daily.


  1. The chance of a fully vaccinated person dying from a COVID infection is essentially zero. There are exceptions to this, due to other underlying issues, such as the recent passing of Colin Powell.
  2. Therefore, for the vast majority of our population, unvaccinated people are not a risk to the vaccinated beyond cold-like symptoms. 
  3. Unvaccinated people are a risk to those who choose to remain unvaccinated. 
  4. Vaccinated break-through cases pose a risk to the unvaccinated.
  5. Currently, children under the age of 12 are at risk from the unvaccinated and break-through vaccinated cases. 
  6. Currently (9/28/21) the CDC 7-day death rate per 100k is 2.8 and dropping. This is a very small number. 
  7. For seniors or those who have weakened immune systems, or co-morbidities such as obesity or diabetes, the vaccine’s benefits nearly always outweigh their risks.  
  8. Blacks, followed by Latinos, remain the largest groups of the eligible unvaccinated in the US. 

Likely Truths

  1. Shortly, children under the age of 12 will have an option to get vaccinated. 
  2. Unless in a crowd, there is no reason to wear a mask outside. 
  3. Those who have had COVID have natural immunity such that they do not need to be vaccinated. 
  4. The overall benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks with very few exceptions. 
  5. The vaccine is safe and effective for the vast majority of people. 
  6. Cloth, single-layer masks do little to stop the spread of COVID.
  7. COVID started in the Wuhan Lab and the US NIH provided funding for gain-of-function research at that lab.
  8. COVID and its variants are here to stay. 

These are eight foundational COVID facts and truths which the media lies about on a daily basis. This is true of both conservative and liberal news outlets.

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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