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A Journey Focused on God’s Intentions


Our verse for today comes from John 6:12, ” So when they were filled, He said to His disciples, ‘Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.’ “


This weekend I was able to experience the circle of life, in a manner of speaking. It began as it will end for each of us, and that was at a funeral. The mother of a dear friend finally succumbed to cancer after fighting it for six years. On display at the reception afterwards were ten or twelve lovely quilts that she had made, testaments to her creative gifts and one of the true loves of her life. Now, the task will fall to my friend, her only child, to deal with all that is left behind. She recently placed her dad in an assisted living facility when her mom’s health turned for the very worst, and so there is a house full of stuff, including a basement loaded with quilting supplies and equipment from her hobby turned business. On Sunday morning, our group lesson for the kids at church was about Solomon and his struggles with the meaning of life. Having lived life to the extreme, and on the verge of his kingdom being divided, Solomon pondered the apparent futility of life. Not yet approaching death, but far removed from his days of complete dependence upon God for all that mattered, Solomon found himself surrounded by the emptiness that he had made for himself.


And then, the final stop on my tour of life was spent with the newest group of Christians in our church. Our lesson for these youngsters focused on the path they were travelling on with Christ. Because they had decided to follow Jesus, they were now on a journey to wherever He planned on taking them. Jesus offered means to equip them, warnings to alert them, and promises to sustain them. And if they stayed the course, nothing would be in vain. No fragment would be lost, and all would have a purpose. They would know the answer when someone questioned them as to their purpose. They would eschew the lure that leads only to wanting. And they would one day leave behind much more than quilts and crafts that moths will someday enjoy. You are on your journey. So I ask you, how are you getting to where you are going?


As we seek Him today, make today’s part of your journey full of God’s intentions.

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