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A Pastor Documenting His Loss of Faith

” I suppose if I have enough faith to believe in the existence of God…”

This quote came from a blogger I track that had been a Pastor and left his ministry to “deconstruct his faith”. The focus of his long article was a list of ten sermons, which he now disavows, as a way of documenting his loss of faith. In each case, he wrote about what Scripture offered, and then how much he now sees his original views as misguided. With two exceptions, those who responded, applauded for his insight and wisdom. My response follows.

“Faith deconstruction typically comes from a place where God (the Potter) has done (or not done) something that man (the clay) has demanded Him to do (Romans 9:21). In the end, literally, God is sovereign, His ways above our ways, and, to be a child of God, we have to accept, and even praise Him for that reality.”

It amazes me how many negative Christian bloggers there are on the web, and the positive public response they receive. I have to remind myself about the narrow vs. wide roads (Matt. 7:11–14). But, more than that, refrain from being aggressive, antagonistic and repressive. There are hundreds and hundreds of Christian bloggers out there, but the vast majority are cloistered on rarely-viewed websites, hidden from the vast majority of Americans. When it comes to Biblical Christianity, we are no longer the Moral Majority, but very much a post-Christian nation.

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview


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