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A Time for Silence

Could you truly put aside your comments and hashtags, defenses and jabs long enough to experience the power of saying nothing?


Our verse for today comes from Mark 14:61, ” But He kept silent and answered nothing. “


I love a good commercial. And to me, the best commercial is the one I don’t have to watch. Even before the days of the remote control, I would sit close enough to our tv so that I could reach the knob (a knob was a dial that you turned to switch the channel between the four that were available) and change the channel whenever a commercial came on. Nowadays, the little amount of television that I do watch is generally with my family, and they sometimes don’t want me to flip between channels. So I do the next best thing and hit the mute button. And the gratification is immediate, for I can hardly tolerate the pointless drivel and chatter that accompanies those hopeless sales pitches. Even during the Super Bowl, an event known for its creative and entertaining commercials, I will have to force myself to endure a dozen tedious, insipid ads just to hear that one good one from Coke or Doritos. Today, people seem to have a lot to say. It’s almost as if new forms of communication are being created just to handle all of the thoughts people feel they must share. But to what end? What is everyone getting from posting comments on anything and everything they see, hear, or think?


When Jesus reached the climax of His existence, the very point where the eternal fate of every human rested in the decisions of His accusers, He said His very least. But how? Why? Was it that He knew to defend Himself would condemn mankind? Could it be He knew His purpose from God and He was intent on seeking that first? Did He simply know what escapes so many today, that more can be said with fewer, or no, words? Was He teaching that words, no matter how true, do not always speak the loudest or deliver the most powerful message? Perhaps there is something to be said for saying nothing at all. And maybe we’re all not quite as witty, interesting, or enlightened as we tend to think we are.


As we seek Him today, could you truly put aside your comments and hashtags, defenses and jabs long enough to experience the power of saying nothing? Could you honor God without having to put your name at the end of it?

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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