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Accept Jesus for Who He Is


Our verse for today comes from John 4:19, ” The woman said to Him, ‘Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet.’ “


Many pastors are not who you think they are, at least not at first. And that’s perfectly fine with them. In fact, the longer they can be the someone you don’t think they are, the better. For very little changes in a conversation when one discovers that the other is an engineer or a computer programmer or a builder. But let it be known that one of the parties involved is a pastor, and everything changes. What was natural can feel much more uncomfortable to some. What was honest and heartfelt and freely expressed can become contrived and guarded. But for the person who might be slightly more bold, certain questions may come to mind that they feel are worthy of input from the ” specialist. ” They might ask his opinion regarding women as pastors or deacons, or having to work on Sundays, or if a certain television preacher is legitimate, or if gays can be Christians, or if he believes in the death penalty, or any of a thousand other questions. He might even have the moxie to ask what makes his religion so much better than all the others. But whatever he asks, there’s a good chance that he’s not asking to discover the truth. More than likely, ulterior motives are at work. When the Samaritan woman began to sense that Jesus was different, she brought up a point of contention between her people and His. Each claimed to worship at the proper place. But both could not be right. Now, whether she really cared about Jesus’ opinion before she began is uncertain, but by the time He was through, it made all the difference in the world that He was the Messiah and not just a carpenter.


When Jesus tries to speak to you, whether through His Word, a pastor, or any other way, you can receive it in any number of ways, including not at all. You can ask of Him things that make it appear you’re on board, but in reality you have no intention of following along in obedience. You can remind Him of the one time when He apparently let you down and say you’re still waiting for an explanation. Or you can receive Him for who He is. Just how perceptive are you?


As we seek Him today, invite Jesus to be your Prophet, Savior, Lord, Master, and King. And see what a God like that can do in you.

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