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AI, German Schools, UMC, Nicaragua, Christian Persecution, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

New conservative AI chatbot drops, named after President Reagan

“The makers of TUSK Browser, a censorship-free web browser with an emphasis on free speech, have now rolled out a modified AI chatbot they say promotes conservative values and “aligns with patriots and independent thinkers’ point of view.””

‘Violation of parental rights’: Germany denies Christian school accreditation

“A Christian school has taken its case to the highest human rights court in Europe after German officials refused to grant accreditation because of its innovative hybrid approach, which merges in-person and at-home learning, even though the school fulfills all state-required standards and curricula.

The Association for Decentralized Learning filed the case at the European Court of Human Rights last week, said the rights group ADF International, which is supporting the school provider and maintains that the German state’s restrictive educational system is infringing upon parental rights and educational freedom.”

Multiple Florida Churches Sever Connections with United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ+ Clergy Ordination

“Due to long-standing disagreements over doctrine and the ordination of LGBTQ+ clergy, churches in the wider Tampa Bay area are leaving the United Methodist Church (UMC). The split has been in the works for many years as the UMC has attempted to compromise to satisfy both conservative and progressive elements.

The UMC division has lasted longer than divides in other national mainstream Protestant churches, including the Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Evangelical Lutheran churches, because of similar reasons. The Hartford Institute for Religion Research’s Scott Thumma claims that as social standards change to a more progressive position, the discussion of LGBTQ+ problems within the church has also changed.”

Nicaraguan Churches Endure Over 500 Attacks in Five Years, 90 Incidents Recorded in 2023

“On May 3, author Martha Patricia Molina delivered the third part of her article “Nicaragua: A Persecuted Church?” through a Zoom conference from exile. A total of at least 529 attacks, including 90 so far in 2023, have been made against the Church in Nicaragua under the Daniel Ortega dictatorship over the past five years, according to the research.

The Ortega administration engaged in a number of “hostilities, persecution, sieges, desecration, destruction, robbery, expulsions, and confiscations” against religious leaders and institutions, as Molina described in her presentation. The report’s results provide a bleak picture of the nation of Central America’s continued attack on religious freedom.”

‘Raise the Alarm’: How Artificial Intelligence Could Further Terrorize Persecuted Christians Across the Globe

“David Curry, president and CEO of Global Christian Relief, an organization devoted to uncovering Christian persecution and advocating for believers across the globe, spoke with CBN’s Faithwire about the concerning ways repressive regimes, terrorists, and others might utilize the technology.

“What we’re trying to raise the alarm on is the effects that will grow as more and more of these artificial intelligence technologies come online — the way in which the biases and assumptions that are built into this predictive modeling could affect religious faith,” Curry said.”

75 years later, Israel still stands strong

“May 2023 marks an important historical milestone. Seventy-five years ago, in May 1948, the modern nation of Israel was born. After having been scattered virtually around the world, Jews from around the earth were able to return to their homeland and create the modern state of Israel.

Much of the land they came to was a wasteland, but through God’s help, and irrigation and advanced technology, they have been able to see “streams in the deserts.”

Susan Michael is the U.S. Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. She said of this important milestone: “Israel has not just survived for 75 years. She’s thriving. And there are so many things that we can celebrate at this time.””

Majority of Americans believe gender determined at birth, against biological males in women’s sports: poll

“The poll found that 57% of American adults believe gender is based on the sex “assigned” at birth, while 43% say a person could change their gender later in life.

The poll found that the vast majority of Americans support laws against discriminating against transgendered people in areas such as in the military and housing, but a supermajority of Americans don’t want biological males in women’s sports.

Sixty-six percent of American adults do not believe that biological males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports competitions at the high school level, while 34% support biological males competing against women.”

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