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Amazon, SBC, LGBT, Death Penalty, Political Pro-Life, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

CP giving holds steady as summer approaches • Biblical Recorder

“As the school year winds down and summer approaches, Southern Baptist churches have given more than $113 million through the National Cooperative Program Allocation Budget in the first seven months of the fiscal year with $15.7 million given in March.”

Amazon Defends Erotic Content for Children as an American Value in Hagiography of Judy Blume

“Cue Amazon Prime to join the fight with its latest offering, “Judy Blume Forever.” As a bookseller and publisher, Amazon’s interest in promoting a glowing documentary about a best-selling author like Judy Blume isn’t surprising. But the timing demonstrates a willingness to capitalize on her controversy as objections to books including pornographic content for children intensifies. The not-so-subtle framing of the bio-doc (“you are a Nazi if you object to Blume’s oeuvre in whole or in part”) is visually compelling and artfully produced.”

Christian parents to appeal judge’s ruling LGBT Pride in alignment with Christian beliefs, OK for 4-year-olds

“Christian parents have said they will appeal after losing a legal challenge against their child’s school for allegedly forcing his participation in an LGBT Pride parade. In his ruling, Judge Christopher Lethem claimed that much of the school Pride parade’s values were in alignment with the Montagues’ Christian beliefs.”

International Outcry as Six Libyans Face Death Penalty for Embracing Christianity

“Six Libyan individuals, some of whom belong to marginalized ethnic groups, are on death row after being accused of evangelizing and converting to Christianity. Activists contend that these laws are used more frequently in the nation to stifle civil society and human rights organizations. 

The people detained by security personnel in March have been accused of violating Article 207 of the penal code, which criminalizes attempts to “alter fundamental constitutional principles” or overthrow the government.”

Some Republicans Struggle to Rally around a Pro-Life Strategy in Congress

“While there were once many in Congress dedicated to federal protections for the unborn, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins recently expressed concern that a growing number of Republicans in D.C. seem content to move the fight to the state level now that the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v.Wade.”

War on Jesus’ name? Atheist group urges community to report ‘illegal’ Christian signs

“There’s a real battle at hand, there’s a real fight … for the Word of God, and it’s obvious, if you look at it through biblical times, what’s happening,” Farley told The Christian Post Thursday.

Led by executive director and activist Evan Clark, Atheists United is also behind a volunteer group called “Atheist Street Pirates,” whose stated mission is to “remove illegal religious signage” in communities around Southern California and other U.S. cities.”

Nearly 700 Babies Saved from Abortion During ’40 Days for Life’ Spring Campaign

“Nearly 700 unborn babies worldwide were saved from abortion during this spring’s international 40 Days For Life campaign.

As CBN News has reported, 40 Days For Life is a pro-life organization that conducts a 40-day campaign striving to end abortion by bringing unity to the spirit and body of Christ through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all-day vigil in front of abortion businesses.”

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