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Are Demons Real – My Response

I responded to an article from a prolific anti-Christian writer this morning whose provocative article was entitled, “Are Demons Real.” He offered a well-thought-out case for them being imaginary. Coming from a charismatic background, this writer had seen what he assumed to be faked exorcisms and believed all apparitions stemmed from a mental disorder, rather than an imaginary spirit world. 

I believe we, as Biblical Christians, need to respond to those who wish to undermine our beliefs, but not always from a cogent defense of our faith. I came to Christ through apologetics. However, when I became convinced of the truth by the facts of Scripture (predictions coming true, the empty tomb, etc.), I remained lost. I had head knowledge of the truth, but not heart acceptance. 

My personal theology is that God calls us to the cross, we do not go willingly. As much as I believed the Bible was real and salvation was necessary, it took two months before my heart was “converted” and I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

From that framework, I responded to this writer (and those others who read the comments on his post) with the following:

“Simply put, there is sadly a narrow road and a wide road. Eternity is real; God is real. Most are preaching their views while walking along the wide road. Both roads end in perfect, unquestionable truth.”

I suspect for many readers of this post, my short response above was woefully lacking. I should have quoted Scripture and been detailed and articulate in trying to convince the author of the falseness of his claim. 

A friend recently reminded me that perfect truth comes only through God. When humans challenge other humans to a battle of words, trying to convince each other what is “truth”, one can never fully trust the outcome because we live in a gray, sin-cursed world. Often those who are more forceful, more articulate, and more outspoken, win the battle over those who speak from a Biblical Christian Worldview. Sometimes short responses are better than diatribe when speaking to the heart. That’s not to say we should abdicate our responsibility to “defend the faith”, but we need to be wise as serpents in choosing what to say and when to say it.

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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