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Our verse for today comes from John 20:10, “Then the disciples went away again to their own homes.”


You would have to work mighty hard to convince me that you have not witnessed something amazing. Even if you are more reluctant to throw around the word “miracle” than most others who indiscriminately label seemingly every oddity as miraculous, you have surely had firsthand experience of at least one event that astounded you. Being that is the case, the odds are also pretty even that you didn’t miss many opportunities to tell someone what happened. (These are the times when the toppers come out, meaning those people who hear a story and have to top it with one of their own. But that’s a different subject for a different day.) Even if no one was around or the day was drawing to a close or you were out of town away from all those who know you, you probably shared your news with someone. I think I’m also safe in assuming that whatever you experienced didn’t qualify as the birth of a world-changing religion. You weren’t an eye witness to the fulfillment of dozens of prophecies and what would be the ultimate of miracles that was planned from eternity past to rescue mankind from complete destruction. That was reserved for a select few. And for the disciples that looked upon it, namely Peter and John, their next course of action was to go back to their own homes. Hmmm.


Now, we know that the story doesn’t end there. My writing about it now gives further evidence to that. But for too many of us, myself being the greatest offender, the amazing, or rather, miraculous events that occurred on that first Easter, and ultimately within your heart and mine, stay comfortably tucked away within our souls and the safety of the walls of our home. Is it because of fear? Or an unwillingness to sacrifice our time? A lack of love for the lost? The feeling that anyone who might respond will not be sincere? Yes and yes and…. So, perhaps another amazing something needs to take place, and it might just be the prayer for God to change the ones He’s already redeemed.


As we seek Him today, let the Holy Spirit work on you where you have previously held Him at arm’s length.

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Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.

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