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Where is Artificial Intelligence headed from a Biblical perspective?

Artificial Intelligence. There is no other subject capturing our thoughts and imagination worldwide. If you do a Google search on AI, you will find copious news articles describing the places where AI is being integrated. Every industry is finding applications for AI to increase efficiency. And, the different categories of AI have great usefulness in helping us solve problems exponentially faster even faster, than some of our fastest supercomputers.

The three main categories of AI for general purposes are: Narrow AI, General AI, and Superintelligent AI. These categories illustrate the different levels of perceived intelligence involved in those categories. In other words, Narrow to Superintelligent implies an increase in computational power and access to huge amounts of collected data. 

I am not an expert by any means in Artificial Intelligence, but I do recognize the great benefits science and industry have gained from AI. However, AI is merely a tool. 

A tool for either good or bad. 

Depending upon who is holding the tool and the intended use defines whether the tool is being used for good or for bad. For instance, in China, the use of AI to track the Uyghur people and keep them in an electronic prison is a good example of AI being used to enhance the brutality of a totalitarian regime. An example of good usage is AI’s ability to crunch massive amounts of data to refine potential cures for various diseases. A task that would have taken years longer without AI’s help.

Superintelligent AI is the Real Issue

The problem, or the fear, of Artificial Intelligence beyond just the abuse of the tool for evil is attached to the concept of Superintelligent AI becoming self-aware. This concept has spawned stories and movies about the dangers of AI deciding that Humankind is the problem preventing the realization of a perfect world. An Intelligence decides it is better than a Human. The fear is of an Artificial Intelligence usurping Man’s position as the fountain of all knowledge. The fear of making Humankind obsolete.

There is ongoing speculation about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Continuous and ever-increasing speculation.

AI and a Biblical Christian Worldview

But, how does this apply to our Christian worldview? Could AI replace us as God’s creation? Or is there a reality underneath all of this speculation that is being ignored? I am sure all of us who are the redeemed of Jesus Christ, understand a machine can’t create or house a soul. We will never be replaced by something with the first name “Artificial”. Try asking AI about Jesus. Generally, you will get a good factual answer, but without any emotional understanding of who Jesus is as a Human or God. Which, in my opinion, reflects the bias of the programmer. This bias has also been seen recently in the ratial controversy surrounding Gemini image generation (details here).

So let’s ask that question about worldview differently. Whose worldview is being programmed into the AI? Is a software program even capable of understanding anything other than a materialistic worldview? Could AI be programmed to separate all Christians from society and rate them as second-class, or non-essential to society? Similar to the way the Jews were persecuted during the 1930’s and 1940’s? 

So where is all of this going? What is that underlying reality that is being ignored beyond the scary totalitarian conspiracy theories? It’s the Creator of All things. Technology will never replace the original Creation, no matter how many times Satan dupes men into trying. AI is the most recent attempt to copy the first example of this the age-old scheme of Satan’s. That is the Tower of Babel. 

Artificial Intelligence is another type of the Tower of Babel. Man’s attempt to reach Heaven on his own power. In this case, to build the perfect version of a Human being. And, it may become possible to build a Human-like model that walks, talks, and thinks like a Human, but when the rapture comes, these machines will still be here.

So, is Artificial Intelligence mentioned in the Bible? Let me point out one very possible example: Revelation 13:3, “I sawone of his heads as if it had been fatally wounded, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast;”

One of the more fascinating aspects of Artificial Intelligence is the ability to Deep Fake. Webster defines the term as, “an image or recording that has been convincingly altered and manipulated to misrepresent someone as doing or saying something that was not actually done or said.” 

Going back to 2019, a Senate “committee hearing on worldwide threats cited deep fakes as a growing concern.” (detail here)

In the future, it would be very easy to utilize Deep Fake technology to make it appear that the Beast is still alive and now worthy of worship since he was seemingly raised from the dead.

In conclusion, there will always be those whose thirst for power overrides their sense of ethics and morality and will pursue AI’s ability to give them power over other Humans. And, while we remain on this side of the grave, the Holy Spirit discernment is required within the Body of Christ, and diligence to resist its use as the backbone of the mark of the beast.

Here is a link to a great talk about AI from John Lennox that I found helpful. It paints a picture that takes AI to its natural endpoint, Transhumanism. It sets the stage for God’s final intervention. 

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