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As Christians, we do not have enough Body Parts.

Recognize your own limitations and plug in to a good church.

Quick Quote – Source – Jeff Hilles

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – The term “body parts” is a reference to 1 Cor. 12:12-31 where Paul is pointing out that the church is made up of many members and each one has a synergistic value in supporting the whole. We need to be in fellowship with like-minded believers for accountability, encouragement, and training.

When I was a baby Christian we did “Home Church”. However, as new believers, my wife and I did not have enough “body parts” to grow adequately in our own faith, much less as an example for our kids.

A Biblical Christian church provides a wide complement of skills and gifts, such as teaching, shepherding, evangelism, helps, service, mercy, and hospitality.

My family simply did not have enough body parts to be a church on our own, simply watching a TV preacher.

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