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As You Received, Transmit the Hope of Christ


Our verse for today comes from John 13:20, ” Most assuredly I say to you, he who receives whomever I send receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. “


A buddy made the statement the other day that he had just completed an entire business transaction via text messaging. To his amazement, he had submitted a bid, received an acceptance and transmitted a confirmation, all without a single word spoken between the two parties. And I’m not talking about buying or selling a $10 toy on Craig’s List. I’m talking about two companies, contracting to do business together, and neither one spoke to the other during the entire process. Such is the nature of our technology-driven culture. Livelihoods are at stake with just the tap of the ” Send ” button. Supreme faith and confidence is put in some system of satellites and clouds to deliver our messages, and that once we send them, they are actually received. But just like having a reservation is useless unless the car is actually there when we go to pick it up, sending a message is in vain if the full transmission never reaches its intended destination. Back in the pre-text world of Jesus, messages were sent via people. Actual humans would go and deliver communiqués, carrying with them the full weight and responsibility of the message, and the messenger.


So Jesus, having the greatest message ever expressed, and coming from the greatest source in existence, made it very clear to His disciples that the hope of a lost world to be reconciled to God rested upon them. They had to be rock solid in their faith in Jesus and who He was, for the message they would take with them would be the means by which the world would receive Christ, and in receiving Him would receive the Father Who sent Him. For how could they believe without hearing? And how could they hear without a preacher? And how could they preach unless they are sent? We have the message, and we have the people around us. All that’s missing is the going and telling. And that’s where faith comes in. Believe that Jesus and His message are enough, and let that do the talking.


As we seek Him today, let the message and hope of Christ be the message that you transmit.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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