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Ask Questions of God, not Man

Don't assume you've been asking the right questions. ask Him what to ask.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 10:3, ” And He answered and said to them, ‘What did Moses command you?’ “


In The Pink Panther Strikes Again , Peter Sellers reprises his role as the bumbling, inept Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Investigating the disappearance of nuclear physicist Hugo Fassbender, who has been kidnapped and forced to build a doomsday device intended to destroy Clouseau, the Inspector travels across Europe in search of the missing scientist. When he arrives in Germany, he checks into an inn, whose front desk is manned by a clerk only slightly more competent than Clouseau. Stopping to pet a dog in the lobby, he asks the clerk if his dog bites. The gentleman says no, and Clouseau bends down to rub the wire- haired dachshund. Immediately the dog responds with a growl and bites Clouseau on the hand. Shocked, he turns back to the clerk and says, ” I thought you said your dog did not bite, ” to which the clerk replies, ” That is not my dog. ” Truth and error, beautifully rolled up into one hilarious scene. All seemed well until Clouseau realized that he had assumed something he shouldn’t have, and therefore had asked the wrong question.


You and I come from a long line of false-assumers and askers of wrong questions. Wouldn’t we, too, have asked God if we were our brother’s keeper, knowing that we had just taken his life? And how often do we assume that Satan’s not really out to destroy us and that God didn’t really mean exactly what He said? If the Pharisees were looking to trick Jesus or justify themselves, then asking a question of the law necessitated a response relative to Moses, the law deliverer. But if they, and we, were interested in a righteous, holy outcome that outweighs any consideration of our own intent and desire, then the question is not what is lawful, but what honors the Father. And the answer will not be a command from man, but a loving call from Jesus, who bids us to lay aside our pride and our doubt, and our assumptions, and listen only to Him.


As we seek Him today, don’t assume you’ve been asking the right questions. ask Him what to ask.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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