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Derek Hastings

The Unseen Substance of Faith

Is this what Peter was walking on out of the boat?

He Thought it Would Never Come

Is it a surprise if you know it's coming?

Do the Phillip Shuffle!

Gaza to Azotus (Ashdod) at the speed of thought!

The Revelation of Faith

How Childlike Faith Reveals the Kingdom of God

The Most Valuable Commodity Draining Away

The proper perspective of time and reality.

Guts to Get in the Car?

As Christians, are we willing to be used by the Holy Spirit?

Dead Men Walking

As Christians, we are dead to this world.


What keeps you from focusing on your faith? Photo by Vinal Gunasekera on Unsplash

Thin Places in Broad Daylight

We all have a choice to make in life, before death. 

Holiness and Purity

One man's long journey from conviction and repentance to freedom and joy.

Beyond; The Land Beyond, Before

We need to set our eyes on the Beyond as we live, day by day in the Before.

Truth and Power

The acceptance or rejection of the Sign Gifts is not core theology.