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God Exists

Proof comes from both facts and faith.

This He Gives you

A Commentary on the Hymn, Come Ye Sinners Something that I think my readers will quickly learn about me is I absolutely love hymns. Not...

Our Lives as Stories

How Literature can Show us What Matters Most Literature… the subject in school that a large majority of students come to dread. The class where...

Suffering According to Christians

How a God Who is Good Allows Suffering A common concept that Christians often struggle with is the idea that God, who is indeed good...

Was America founded on Christian Principles?

Where did the “Separation of Church and State originate? Much of the research for this article comes from Outrageous Truth by Robert Jeffress Introduction As Revisionists try to...

The Gospel Makes Us Brave!

In the 2000 plus years since the resurrection of Christ, no Christian has ever taught or been taught that loving your neighbor was wearing...