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Jeff Hilles

Jeff Hilles

The Bible – Accurate Theology but What About Science & History

Many people believe that the Bible is a wonderful book of wisdom for life’s challenges. Further, most Christians accept much, if not all, the...

The Apostles’ Creed vs. the Bible

Over the last few months I have received a few comments related to the importance of the Apostles’ Creed as the foundation for our...

My Daughter Got Saved…. Twice

I was looking out my bedroom window about 20 years ago watching my 6 year old daughter being evangelized by a neighborhood girl of...

Christian Presence at Abortion Clinics

I responded recently to an article written by a very well-meaning author on the subject of Christian presence at Abortion Clinics. His premise was...

American Socialism – A Nation In Decline

What many Americans seem to miss is that the more we spread money around in an attempt to fix the inequities of society in...

Sexual Assault and the Southern Baptists

I have been a part of the Southern Baptist Convention for 25 years and write extensively on the integration of a Biblical Christian Worldview...