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Klaus Meyer

The Wages of Sin is Death

But God has provided a way we can experience the joy of eternal life.

Why Does God Allow Evil?

The answer can only be found through faith.

Abortion in America

What is the government's responsibility in the abortion controversy?

The Politics of Abortion

Abortion Pros & Cons for Christians and the Pro-Life Movement.

My Mom and Suicide

The Lord can bring hope, joy, and peace if we draw close to Him.

Swimming Lessons

As believers, we need to be compassionate not theological toward those seeking a relationship with Christ.

Atlas Shrugged and Capitalism

Capitalism, Government Waste and the Covetousness of Mankind

Just as a carpenter uses his tools to construct a building, so God’s people use prayer to build His house.

Quick Quote - Source - Klaus Meyer A Biblical Christian worldview perspective - Klaus - "I often hear that prayer changes things, but I...

Thoughts on Thankfulness

Here is a German proverb: Little presents preserve friendship. It is true, it is always the little things in life that make a difference. The...

Childlike faith, Part 1

Who Had Childlike Faith At The Time of Jesus The common people heard Jesus gladly while the educated ones rejected Him.  The common people had childlike...

The Universe, Time, and Eternity

Something for thinking people to ponder, about the world we live in. The Universe How did the universe get started?  Was it the big bang or was...

Chips And Dust

I have been an avid hobbyist all my life and in my younger years, I was mostly building furniture while later in life I...


My Childhood When I was a pre-teen, another boy had found out that I had done something wrong, and he tried to blackmail me into...

A Stranded Trucker

On a Sunday before Thanksgiving a few years ago, I preached on giving thanks. We had a visitor in our service and I noticed...