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Rich Holt

Rich Holt

Is God Carrying Your Burden or Are You

Tell God that you are giving Him the burdens that you have been carrying around. And rest, assured that He is willing and able to bear them.

Are You an Active ‘Work in Progress’

Be committed to joining in on the work that God wants to do in and through you. No longer be a bystander or a casual observer.

Are You a Christian in Name Only

Send out a message by your words and actions that can only be labeled with the name of Jesus.

What can You Afford to Lose

Consider what you might be losing in the midst of all that you are getting.

When Jesus is the Only One Left

Enjoy all those that God has placed around you. See each as an opportunity to get closer to the God that made you.

Let God Turn You Around

Ask God to turn you back in the direction that He wants you to go. If you are covered in doubt, let the truth of His Word direct your next step.

Which Thief Are You

Ask God to remind you of all He's done for you, and all He's given you and taken for you. Live today in humble gratitude for His mercy and grace.

Who is the Main Character in Your Life

Let something much more powerful than rules or permissions guide your actions and your intentions.

Ask Questions of God, not Man

Don't assume you've been asking the right questions. ask Him what to ask.

God’s 2 x 4 Approach

Ask God to open your eyes to things that have you under their control.

We Can Choose to Complain or Rejoice

Thank God for the ability to complain and the choice not to do it. And see if your waking hours are enough to exhaust all you could be thankful for.

Seek the Lord in the Good Times and Bad

Pray for God to strike another blow against Satan, even as the enemy attacks His precious children.

Speak His Words, Not Yours

Consider the you that is being expressed with every word you say. And consider the One who is expressed in every word that He wrote.

Is Jesus more to You than a Get-Out-Of-Hell Ticket

Let your reason for coming to Jesus be your reason for living for Him. Follow Him, instead of expecting Him to follow you around.

Surrender all to Jesus

Come to Jesus with all you have for what you are lacking. Don't let your internal checklist keep you from experiencing His full grace.