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Rich Holt

Rich Holt

Speak His Words, Not Yours

Consider the you that is being expressed with every word you say. And consider the One who is expressed in every word that He wrote.

Is Jesus more to You than a Get-Out-Of-Hell Ticket

Let your reason for coming to Jesus be your reason for living for Him. Follow Him, instead of expecting Him to follow you around.

Surrender all to Jesus

Come to Jesus with all you have for what you are lacking. Don't let your internal checklist keep you from experiencing His full grace.

Ask God to Fill You Up

Ask God to fill you with His remarkable joy that comes through the life and death of Him who showed us how to live and die.

Don’t Second Guess God

Accept that God does not need you to proofread His instructions, and allow Him to do things in and through you in whatever way He sees fit.

What Extra Baggage are You Carrying

Put your heart on the conveyor belt, and let Jesus decide what gets to stay and what must be left behind.

God’s Question to You

Turn aside from the broad way, and choose the narrow path of honesty and true relationship.

Stop Concealing Your Sins

Confess the doubt that has you in the wrong frame of mind. Trust God, no matter the issue, no matter the magnitude.

Your Money is really His Money

Consider making your money part of your whole life of worship of the living King.

Respect God, but Not through Worldly Wealth

Take a look at what you might be covering up. Let God have a go at it, and see what He can turn it into for His great glory.

Do You Truly Love the Father

Consider whether what's missing in your life is the love that you're not giving to your Father.

Get Rid of Your Earthly Clutter

Put all that you have in the balance, and see if less of something would actually bring you more of something, or Someone, better.

God is Wherever You Go

Keep looking for Him in the midst of whatever you are going through. Trust that where He makes you go, He is going there with you.

Be On Your Guard for False Teachers

Check your antennas to make sure that what you're receiving is coming from a reliable source.

Rejoice in the things God is Not Doing in your Life

Rejoice in the fact that God is not still fighting the battle with evil and death.