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Bad Habits


Our verse for today comes from Luke 5:11, ” And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him. “


Have you ever kicked a bad habit? Were you once a smoker, puffing away a couple packs of cigarettes a day? Or maybe you used to be an alcoholic, unable to make it through the day without taking a few drinks. Perhaps it was some form of gambling, where the thrill of the risk and the lure of big winnings had you trapped. If you have known these destructive addictions, and given them up, there’s a chance you can remember exactly when you did it, and even more so, exactly why you did it. More than likely, your addiction was ruining your life, or had taken so much control of your daily thoughts and actions, that you decided nothing was worth what you were enduring simply because you couldn’t say no. So you finally walked away, maybe all at once, maybe through a program, or with some form of help, but you walked away and regained the part of yourself that had been lost.


But I’d venture to say that you didn’t give up your habit after the best night of your life. I don’t expect you quit smoking after someone gave you a dozen cases of free cigarettes. And I doubt your last drink was the best glass of scotch you ever tasted. And I’m almost certain you didn’t quit gambling after winning the biggest jackpot you ever won. That doesn’t seem to be the way we operate. So why did Peter fall down at Jesus’ knees, forsake all he had, and follow Him after the biggest catch of fish he had ever netted? What made him walk away from his livelihood and follow this roaming Preacher? Peter had met Jesus before, even followed Him to where He was staying. But why now? Why leave it all for good when he’s finally got something to keep? Apparently he realized nothing was worth keeping if Jesus was going to walk on without him. He realized he didn’t belong in a boat, and his boat belonged on land. He realized he was meant to say yes to a different kind of fishing. And until you leave your boats on land, whatever they might be, you’ll never be able to follow Jesus. Not completely. And really, is there any other way?


As we seek Him today, ask God to show you what boats you’re keeping in the water instead of leaving them behind on land. Pray for His Spirit to release you from the desire to hang on.

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