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Basking Underneath God’s Grace


Today’s verse is Romans 5:20, “And the law came in, that the offence might abound. But where the sin did abound, the grace did overabound.” 

Background & Application

I would assume everyone has experienced a topper at least once in their life, someone whose story is always more dramatic, whose injury was always more gruesome. They seem to listen to your tale only waiting for their turn to top yours. Well, here in this verse we get to see God topping them all. He doesn’t do it like we would. If we sent the law and sin abounded, we would just send more law. Again, we’re so inclined to do the opposite of what God does. But He doesn’t upgrade the law or tighten the screws on us, He takes care of the problem. He lets us see that we are sinners, and He is not, and He puts that Spirit inside us, to change us and free us. So when I see selfishness in my kids, I can ask God to forgive me for putting myself first. When I hear coworkers lapping up the drama of silly tv shows, I can confess my heart seeks worldly pleasures. when I read of an athlete boasting of his accomplishments, I can surrender my pride in how I think I’ve impressed God. When others don’t operate according to my timeframe, I can admit that I am impatient. When kids walk by with baggy clothes and piercings everywhere, I can thank God He doesn’t judge me like I judge them. when I want to complain about another Monday at work, I can remember that this is the day that the Lord has made, and Genesis says that God saw that it was good. His grace remains on top of it all. 


Let’s pray today with hearts that are basking underneath God’s grace. Let’s worship Him as the giver of the law, and the abounder of grace, remembering that there is no sin that can top that. 

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org


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