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Be a Specialist in Trust and Belief


Our verse for today comes from Luke 8:53, ” And they ridiculed Him, knowing that she was dead.”


Ever since the internet came to be, there has been no shortage of the availability of information. Extensive research, late-breaking news, in-depth analysis, obscure tidbits, and everything in between are just a few moments and a computer away. These days, the issue has become more of filtering out the stuff you don’t want rather than trying to find out what you previously would never know. And as people access and attempt to utilize this plethora of facts and data, I have noticed an amazing phenomenon. People who have virtually no prior training or knowledge in a certain area become experts overnight. For some reason, reading a few articles or chatting online with another seeker takes them from complete ignorance to instant specialist. We’ll question doctors, mechanics, electricians and anyone else who might need the enlightenment that we have attained. Now, I doubt the crowd that was gathered at the home of Jairus felt like they needed to do much research as to the signs that someone was dead. Some things are obvious, even to the untrained eye. So when Jesus told them that Jairus’ daughter was not dead, but only sleeping, the expert medical examiner within each of them couldn’t help but speak up and ridicule this man who couldn’t tell the difference between sleep and death. But as we all know, the true expert was on the scene, and moments later the young girl was up and enjoying a meal.


And I wonder if we do the same thing to Jesus today. I wonder if we examine a situation, and being the experts that we are, immediately write off God and consider it dead. Do you look around you and only see defeat or hopelessness? Is your ministry fledgling and so you know it’s a lost cause? Are you the expert and the one giving advice to God? If so, step down a few rungs and invite the Lord to be the God who hung the heavens. Stop being the expert when the Almighty is within you. Be a specialist in trust and belief, honed and sharpened through complete dependence on Him.


As we seek Him today, thank God for all that you do not know and cannot do. Ask God to re-establish your reliance on Him alone.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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