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Be a True Worshiper of God


Our verse for today comes from John 4:23, ” But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. “


If you have ever jumped onto anything in your life, I’d venture to say that one of the things you have jumped on is the bandwagon. In fact, there is a cultural phenomenon called the bandwagon effect which states that the rate of acceptance or popularity of something increases the more it has already been adopted by others. You need look no further than the latest fad to see evidence of this as people jump on the bandwagon of the latest fashion trend or hobby. But the origin of the bandwagon actually came from a wagon that carried a real band. Wagons would carry bands in parades or the circus, and in 1848, a popular circus clown named Dan Rice used his bandwagon to promote his political campaign. As his campaign became more successful, other politicians sought out a seat on the wagon in hopes of benefitting from his success. By 1900, bandwagons were commonly used in campaigns, and jumping on a bandwagon had become a derogatory term to describe those who associated themselves with another’s success without considering fully that with which they were aligning themselves. Today, sports fans will jump on board of a winner, constituents will go with the leading vote getter, and even church goers will go where the other church goers are going. Whether those followers are true followers is debatable, but what is without uncertainty is that God is interested in only one kind of worshiper, and that is the true worshiper.


And if I read Paul correctly, he would have us understand that a true worshiper is one who comes to God with absolutely no confidence in his flesh; namely, the true worshiper proclaims no merit in himself. Rather, the true worshiper counts everything else as rubbish, especially anything resembling his own righteousness. Therefore, not one speck of my goodness and not one letter on my résumé serves to get me closer to God, or bring Him closer to me. When all, and that means everything, else is counted as loss, then what’s left is worship, in spirit and in truth.


As we seek Him today, make an effort to not count for your good the good that might seem to count for you. Consider how much (or how little) it will weigh in the balances of God.

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