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Be Active in Your Prayer Life

Decide that you want to have a part in doing something more than sitting and waiting.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 14:32, ” And they went to a place called Gethsemane. And He said to His disciples, ‘Sit here while I pray.’ “


I don’t know how many times as a kid (but I’m sure it was plenty) that I would be somewhere with my mom or dad and I would be told, ” Just sit there and don’t touch anything. ” And of course it never occurred when I might be left alone in some empty, uninviting room with nothing really to do but sit and wait. No, those instructions always came when I was going to be left in a place that offered untold possibilities for exploration, adventure, and mischief. It might have been a huge department store that was perfectly suited for hiding in the clothes racks as a spy, or at someone’s house where the knickknacks and breakables just needed to be touched. But rest assured, the higher the level of enticement, the more certain to come was the admonition to sit tight. When Jesus and His disciples arrived at the garden following their Passover meal, much had already taken place. Jesus had announced a betrayer was in their midst, He had predicted the denial of Peter and the scattering of the entire group, He had quieted a debate as to which of them was the greatest, He had explained deep kingdom truths to them, and He had washed the feet of each, including Judas. But now, the end was about to begin.


Into the garden He went to yield His will ultimately and completely to the gruesome, glorious fate that awaited. And to most of those with Him, most of the few who loved and trusted Him, He told to sit and wait. Peter, James, and John went further with Him, instructed to pray as He prayed, and they promptly fell asleep. Imagine what the others did who were left simply to wait on Him. It makes perfect sense that Jesus didn’t rather send them off to pray as He chose to wait on them to battle for Him in prayer. There’s no telling how differently things might have gone if He had. We followers of Christ are not the people of prayer that we should be. Oh, many of you pray often, but we as a body are not unleashing God’s power from our knees as we should. Perhaps it’s time for us to do more than sit.


As we seek Him today, decide that you want to have a part in doing something more than sitting and waiting.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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