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Be Aware of the Devil In You


Our verse for today comes from John 6:70, ” Jesus answered them, ‘Did I not choose you, the twelve, and one of you is a devil?’ “


Several of my daughters love kids. From newborns on up, they love being around them, holding them, and taking care of them. They can rock a little baby trying to go to sleep, and they can run around a playground playing hide and seek. One of my younger girls has started babysitting for a women’s Bible study each week, and my older girl loves to help out in the church nursery. And I could see any of my girls growing up and wanting to work in a daycare or running their own preschool. But one of the things they would learn along the way is that there is a whole lot more to working with children than playing games and the occasional diaper change or mess to clean up. There are scores of regulations to help promote the health and safety of those precious kids, and then there is the issue of staffing. Finding the right group of people to nurture and cherish the children is paramount to ensure the best environment and the greatest experience for the little ones, and their parents. So who in their right mind would welcome an employee knowing that their intent was to undermine and destroy all that you were about? What business plan would include the hiring of your greatest rival or worst enemy? What good could come from inviting that sort of trouble and upheaval into a setting intended for peace, development and enrichment?


In the plans of Jesus, that’s exactly what He included. But let’s not be so surprised. For I think that part of our Lord’s message here is not only that He foreknew the path of Judas, but that were it not for Christ’s work of grace, the other eleven would be devils as well. I think Jesus is implying that, sure, Judas may still be a devil, but you other guys would be, too, were it not for My work in you. And so it goes for us as well. We have no better chance of being a Peter or a John than Judas had were it not for the mercy and grace of God Almighty.

Jesus did the choosing, even while we were dead to choose anything. We are who He has selected, baggage and all. Praise God for grace and mercy.


As we seek Him today, let the devilish parts of those around you remind you of where you would be apart from God’s handiwork, and show to them what God has shown to you.

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