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Our verse for today comes from Romans 7:19, ” For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. “


One of the amazing accomplishments of civilization to me is the ability for thousands or millions of people within a certain locale to receive all the fresh water that they desire, and then to have all of their waste water and sewage drained away. With the turn of a handle, hot or cold water comes pouring out of your faucet, and then the drains and pipes carry it away to be treated and begin the cycle all over again, all underground and out of sight and mind. But if you live beyond the city limits, and especially beyond the reaches of the city water and sewer system, then your home probably has a septic system. This system is a smaller, localized version of the municipal sewage system, where the water comes from a well and the waste goes out to a septic tank to eventually seep into a dredge field. When property is being considered for construction, the entire project can be thwarted if the land is unable to properly provide fresh water and adequately handle the waste. Sometimes it’s the basest of elements that carry the greatest impact.


Waste and sewage is going to happen. In fact, it’s the surest sign that life exists. Our lives, our bodies intake and consume and produce output and waste. But it’s how we handle the waste that can determine how pleasant things are for us and those around us. And so it is for the sin in our lives. We would prefer not to sin, just as we would ideally not have to deal with sewage. But the sin, as much as we try to eliminate it, shows our humanity, and illuminates the fact that we need help to handle it. For many of us, the struggle is just as Paul describes. We can’t be as good as we’d like, and we stumble over just what we despise. But there is a remedy, and it’s as available as the drains in your home. Confession and restoration with the Lord is just as immediate as the fresh water that flows from your faucet. And the cleansing is oh so much more refreshing.

So give thanks that the sewage in your life can be washed away, leaving you renewed to live anew.


As we seek Him today, attune your heart to whatever cleansing might be needed each time you encounter the faucet or the drain. Thank God for Jesus, who delivers us from all our sin.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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