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Be Fervent in Your Desire to Commune with God

Consider how the Passover affects you in the middle of this week. Ask God to give you a desire to observe and remember who He is and what He did.


Our verse for today comes from Luke 22:15, ” Then He said to them, ‘With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.’ “


I haven’t researched it or read any studies at all regarding the mindset of those on death row the night before they are executed. I don’t even know if someone would have the fortitude to interview and record the thoughts of those spending their last night alive before execution. It sounds like the worst of all endeavors. But it seems like a fair guess to think that those about to die are not celebrating their chance to enjoy their final meal. Even those who are bound for heaven must have their minds occupied with other matters. So I suppose it’s fitting that Christ, who was and is like no other who ever lived, would face His final night unlike anyone else. This Jesus, who packed eternity into His three years of earthly ministry, who experienced more in these few hours than all the pages of man could describe, was eagerly awaiting His final meal with His disciples. Amidst the feet washing and the sending forth of Judas, with His mind concentrating on teaching His followers and praying His priestly prayer, Jesus desired to share His final Passover with these men. The disciples probably viewed it as no different than the others they had eaten with Jesus, except perhaps for how Jesus predicted the way they would know which room to prepare. But while they discussed that and other trivial things, Jesus’ focus was on the breaking of His body and the shedding of His blood.


I am very guilty of not preparing myself for the times when the Lord’s Supper is observed at my church. Many times I have not even known until walking into the sanctuary that it was the Sunday for its observance. I have spent my time on lesser things. In reality, His Supper hasn’t crossed my mind since the last time I had it. Clearly, this I have done with very little remembrance of Him. But He desired this meal so much. That Passover fueled His every thought and action. It was our picture, our covenant, our reminder. I’m afraid that after several dozen years, I still forget more than I remember. Perhaps you do, too. But we would do well to refocus our attention away from the temporary distractions that carry us numbly from week to week. Let’s instead look forward to what He has left for us to observe. Let’s live today experiencing the desire that He had, even on the night before He would suffer and make it all come true.


As we seek Him today, consider how the Passover affects you in the middle of this week. Ask God to give you a desire to observe and remember who He is and what He did.

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