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Be Listening for God


Our verse for today comes from Acts 8:29, ” Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near and overtake this chariot.’ “


Just a few years ago, I acquired my very first smart phone. I assume that practically all of you have already taken this step, and that I am, among other things, behind the times. And if that’s the case, then I don’t have to tell you what an incredible difference there is between the dumb phone I used to have and my current phone. I can now text, send e-mails, take pictures, use the internet, and actually see someone as I’m talking to them on the phone. If I had a robot for a maid, you might possibly mistake me for George Jetson. But now, I’m also part of another subculture. No, not the ones whose necks are gradually becoming permanently bent toward the ground as they constantly stare down at their phone. I haven’t gotten that addicted to the device yet. But I have been seen with those wires coming out of my ears as I sit or drive or eat or walk. Now, sometimes those ear buds have been very beneficial. I’ve listened to many sermons at my desk while blocking out the noise of chatter or gossip that’s around me. But I also have stooped to listening to a sports program in one ear while supposedly communicating with a loved one on the phone in my other. There’s a delicate balance of when to and when not to that I’m still working on.


But the smart phones and the ear buds just show us once again how much noise upon noise is bombarding our ears and our minds, and much of it beyond our notice. Many times, it only becomes apparent when we struggle to feel comfortable when we are forced to endure silence. But it should also be apparent when we go for lengths of time without noticing a prompting from God’s Spirit. When we are not feeling compelled, or lack any constraint from within, then our hearts have disconnected from the Spirit who rules it. When conversations upon encounters upon situations pass us by without giving us the slightest notion of doing for God, then it’s too noisy. And it’s time to listen for what the Spirit has to say.


As we seek Him today, allow for yourself some time when you can hear from Someone without using your ears.

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