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Be Ready to Drink In God


Our verse for today comes from John 4:15, ” The woman said to Him, ‘Sir, give me this water, so that I will not get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.’ “


We all do it , and some of us more often than others. We’ll be in a conversation, and because we’ve got so much to say, or are so impressed with our own opinion, we barely hear a word the other person says. While they’re speaking, we’re either preparing to shoot down their point, or we’re just waiting for our turn to talk again. The woman at the well had a slight case of this going on in her interaction with Jesus. She basically began their conversation by telling Him she’d rather not bother giving Him any water. And when He started talking about living water, she asked Him who does He think He is, someone greater than Jacob, for she knew Jacob had wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. But then Jesus said His water would quench her thirst forever, and even spring up within her into everlasting life. At this point, she became interested in the never-needing-water part, but she didn’t hear a word Jesus said about everlasting life. All she could think about was not having to travel back and forth to this well, toting heavy pots in the middle of the day.


That’s why the Lord changed the subject and began telling her about her life. She was such a slave to her earthly way of viewing everything, to thinking that water only comes from a well, that she could not hear Jesus speaking to her heart. But that didn’t stop Him from pursuing her. He knew there’s more than one way to skin a cat. She may not have gotten the point of a Jewish man offering living water without a bucket to a Samaritan woman, but He knew she’d respond once He divulged her past to her. And the good thing was, it was her past that had brought her there at that moment, at that time of day. Though she may have wasted much of her life so far, she wasn’t wasted in God’s eyes. She hadn’t gone so far that He couldn’t draw her to Him. She hadn’t done so much that she overspent His grace. No, when she was ready to fully listen, when He had gotten her full attention, she was ready to drink the living water. And she found out that it is so much sweeter than the Kool-Aid that the world offers.


As we seek Him today, look at the choices you have made as steps that have brought you where you are before Jesus. Fully take Him in, and see how different today can be.

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