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Be Reconciled to Your Neighbor


Our verse for today comes from John 4:40, ” So when the Samaritans had come to Him, they urged Him to stay with them; and He stayed there two days. “


Within the last few weeks, I have been privy to several interpersonal issues amongst friends and coworkers of both genders. When the affected party has come to me in search of advice, it generally didn’t take very long to realize that the problems could be resolved simply by having a conversation between those involved. Now, I say simply, because that’s how it seemed to me. But I am a guy, and I am on the outside looking in. To me, the problem required little more than those two or three people sitting down for a few minutes and sharing what was on their minds, perhaps with the help of an unbiased outsider, and each would then see their role in the situation and make the necessary changes to fix it. Evidently, it’s not that simple. Concerning the first matter, the HR department didn’t like the idea of discussing it with someone not directly involved. In another situation, the person being affected feared the other person would give them the silent treatment for weeks, as they have done a couple times in the past. For another, some discussion was had, but little progress was made as each clung to their position, or rather, clung to their position of not seeing the other’s position.


In conjunction with these events, I have listened to several godly men recently. And regardless of what they have spoken about, the overwhelming message that I have sensed from them is the incredible priority they put on glorifying God in all matters. The depths of their humility astounds me such that I could picture them dropping to their knees and clinging to the ankles of those friends of mine, begging them to not walk away from one another until the issues were resolved. For Christ’s sake, I can hear them saying, be reconciled by and because of His blood. The Samaritans had some serious dislike for Jews, of which Jesus was chief. But here they were, inviting Him to stay with them as their guest. I don’t know if my friends will ever reach that point. But I know in my heart it’s possible. Jesus died to make it so.


As we seek Him today, do whatever you can to bring restoration, even if it’s simply praying for another.

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