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Be Thankful In All Things


Our verse for today comes from John 11:35, ” Jesus wept. “


There’s no use crying over spilled milk. Did your parents spout that wisdom to you when you were growing up? Have you in turn completed that dreaded cycle and used it on your own kids? In wanting us to mature, or learn the ways of the real world, or just stop crying, our parents essentially wanted us not to cry over things that we could not undo. The milk was spilled and probably dripping on the floor, and that was that. Just clean it up, refill your glass, and move on. But in Jesus’ real world, He could undo things. He could un-spill the milk, un-damage the eyes, and even un-die the dead. But when He comes to the tomb of Lazarus, His miraculous ability to undo does not prevent Him from crying. And that has always seemed odd to me. The Jews there with Jesus interpret it as an expression of how much He loved Lazarus. Since they were usually wrong about all things regarding Christ, I’m pretty sure that is not the correct interpretation. No, there was a lot more going on during that scene at the tomb than just one friend crying over the loss of another. For moments later, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. And could that have been the reason for some of His tears?


I believe that Lazarus had spent the past four days in the very presence of God, whatever that truly means to our simple, finite brains. He had experienced some of what Jesus gave up to come and walk on this earth. They had in some respects switched places. But now, Jesus was calling him back to his broken body, to his human frailties, and to die again at another day. For as much joy as there is in one going from lost to saved, from sinful to redeemed, from wretched to glorified, would there not be an equal amount of sorrow for one to suffer the reverse process? God’s glory is certainly seen in His power over death, but just like Jesus’ path of the cross, conquering that death brings with it some sorrow. We’ll have to wait for Jesus to tell us exactly why He wept, but praise God that when we die, we’ll be with Him to ask Him


As we seek Him today, ask God to make you very thankful for the precise life He has given you. Ask Him for a deep desire to be with Him in heaven, and for a heart to take as many people there with you as you can.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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