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Behar, Teachers Sue, Trans Kids, Abortion, BLM, Schools, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

Joy Behar declares that even a senile ‘drooling’ Biden is ‘better than any Republican’

”Left-wingers would eagerly vote for a sack of manure if it had a “D” next to it and the blind support for a “drooling” Joe Biden over “any” GOP candidate expressed by Joy Behar of “The View” is a revealing glimpse at the cultlike devotion to party over the country that is held by modern-era Democrats.

Democrats and their media shills are defensive about Biden’s obvious issues and diminished capabilities at an advanced age after a recent NBC News poll on the eve of his reelection announcement showed that a supermajority of 70 percent of Americans don’t want him to run for a second term, with nearly half of them citing age as a reason, and that was BEFORE he was busted using a cheat sheet during a White House press conference earlier this week.”

Teachers sue California school over policy forcing them to hide kids’ gender transitions from parents

“Two California middle school teachers sued their school district on Thursday over a policy that requires them to hide students’ gender identities from their parents, the lawsuit reads. Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West, who teach at Rincon Middle School in Escondido, California, filed the lawsuit against Escondido Union School District (EUSD) and the California State Board of Education over a policy that requires teachers to use students preferred pronouns and names when not in front of parents, according to the lawsuit

Over half of registered voters say political attacks on trans kids, families are a ‘major problem’: poll

“Kansas is set to join at least eight other states that have bans on transgender students using school facilities that are consistent with their gender identity, according to the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), an organization that tracks state bills on LGBTQ issues.”

Tragic: Abortions Have Increased in N.C., Despite Reversal of Roe

“The report from the pro-choice Society of Family Planning found an average of 5,377 fewer abortions each month in the U.S. from July to December last year compared to the previous months before the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson decision. The organization named it the #WeCount Report. Nationwide, there were 32,260 cumulative fewer abortions from July to December.”

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Exposes NYC Schools for promoting Communism, Gender Ideology and BLM

“Every day millions of Americans send their children off to school, placing their trust in teachers to help their children learn, grow and become educated members of society. For more than six hours each day, children are confined to a classroom, often spending more time interacting with their teachers than with their own parents. For many working parents, this arrangement is necessary for their children to receive a comprehensive education. But what happens when the welcome bell rings and the school doors close? Do parents really know what’s going on in the classroom? “

Rural Texas school promotes chatrooms for children to talk to strangers about gender, tells parents to affirm trans kids

“The Charlotte Independent School District in Charlotte, a rural town in Texas, wants to indoctrinate your children under the guise of mental health. On its surface, the district’s website appears like any other, with information on the school schedule, supplies list, and student hand book. But a closer look reveals an attempt at pushing gender ideology onto young students and their parents. The school’s counseling department has a separate web page dedicated to mental health resources which is filled with information that seeks to groom students.

The First “Wrongful Death” Case for Helping a Friend Get an Abortion

“The lawsuit claims that aiding a self-managed abortion is tantamount to murder under state law, allowing Marcus Silva to bring a wrongful death case… Not only did Marcus Silva access the private conversations his ex-wife had with her friends, he also filed an unprecedented lawsuit in March accusing Carpenter, Loyola, and Texas abortion rights activist Aracely Garcia of wrongful death, alleging the trio “conspired” to help his ex-wife obtain medication to terminate her pregnancy with a self-managed abortion.”

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