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Believe in Christ’s Forgiveness Every Day


Our verse for today comes from Genesis 50:17, ” ‘Thus you shall say to Joseph, ” I beg you, please forgive the trespass of your brothers and their sin; for they did evil to you. ” Now, please, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of your father.’ And Joseph wept when they spoke to him. “


Although in its most literal sense, being forgiven is a passive event, there is in fact very little about it that is passive. Being forgiven requires much from the one receiving the forgiveness. And sometimes it’s more than we can muster. Joseph’s brothers had done everything to him short of killing him, and now found themselves at his mercy, subjects to their younger brother who now reigned over all of Egypt. But Joseph was past all of that. To him, that was from a former life, dead and buried just like his brothers probably figured he was by now. He had moved on, refused to dwell, and harbored no ill will towards them. But when their father died, the brothers feared that Joseph’s kindness would pass with him as well. You and your siblings, like me and mine, had numerous scuffles where your parents prodded you to forgive and forget, only to dole out due paybacks on each other once the parents had left. And that’s what the brothers envisioned from Joseph. For receiving the forgiveness that he offered took more than hearing his words. He had released them, holding no grudges and considering their slate new and clean. But they were not sure. And when their dad passed, their doubt resurfaced. What would Joseph do now that he had no father to live up to?


But he did. Joseph’s focus was on a higher plane, the one where his heavenly Father dwelt. But his brothers had to trust that. They would never know his forgiveness until they accepted that Joseph was not their judge and jury. For them to experience what Joseph offered, it would require faith. They would have to believe something about Joseph that they in all likelihood could not believe about themselves. And so they struggled, as you and I do today. How can God keep forgiving? When will His patience expire? How will He get even? We think it because we do it. And that’s why we must keep putting out trust in Christ. Just believing once doesn’t equip us for the doubts and attacks of this day. But that’s nothing He can’t handle.


As we seek Him today, place your faith once again in the all-forgiving, ever-cleansing work of Christ on the cross. Let His love win the day.

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