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Beyond; The Land Beyond, Before

We need to set our eyes on the Beyond as we live, day by day in the Before.

I was five years old. Nap times were special for me, I didn’t fight them. Did I sleep? Sometimes. But, sometimes I talked to the voice. Don’t ask me what we talked about. I can’t access the memory of that person. I just know that I had a friend that I could talk to who was kind.

The Voice

There were and still are times when whoever that voice is touches me in this world. I know who the Voice is now. His name is Jesus Christ.

However, it was never a given that I would find Him. Even though He was always right there. Beyond.

As I look back, my wife and I can see the moments when Jesus stepped across from the beyond. But, for me — even though I was a Science Fiction buff — I had an irrational grip on a version of reality that discounted the possibility of the supernatural. If you had asked me if the supernatural existed, I would have said “Yes, but those things never happen to someone like me.”

I believed I was just like everyone else, looking for love, and trying to “just live a normal life”. I forgot about the voice. Those days the only direction I followed was my sex drive and anything that would get me either high or drunk. I had a job where I worked hard. My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me. They also instilled in me a continual quest for escape from the boring sameness of life. Work, eat, drink, sleep, work, eat, drink, sleep. But, that was just life on planet Earth, right?

You probably think I am implying that something supernatural turned all of this around. I suppose. My testimony is something else for another time. It won’t disappoint. It was certainly dramatic enough.

No this is an attempt to describe, the beyond. That, perhaps, you will believe what I am about to say.

The Beyond exists. What do you mean by “Beyond”, you ask? Well, it’s right there. You can reach out and touch it. That is if you believe it exists. If your heart is desperate enough to HOPE in a land of Love. It’s not Never-Never land. It’s Home.

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you. There is someone from the Beyond that is a liar and he likes to lie to people in the land of Before. Lies like, Heaven doesn’t exist. Jesus doesn’t love you. Good is bad, and bad is good. There is no future so just do what feels good, even if you hurt someone in the process. Since we are all just meaningless protoplasm, there are no moral standards. So it’s every man for himself. The lies are endless.

But, the Truth will set you free.

I am on the other side from Before, in the Beyond now, and when I stepped into Beyond I could see the lies. I could see — can see — The Truth of the Voice. The Voice is there all the time now. And, I would never go back to the Before. Once you see Beyond you will never go back.

I wish I could pull back that shimmering boundary between Beyond and Before so you could see that you are being lied to about life and The Truth of your destiny. You would understand that all of those stories about super hero’s, witches, fairies, and other planets with intelligent alien life hold a candle to the Beyond. That’s because those characters spring from an imagination that grew up in the Before. A redeemed imagination has the beauty of the Beyond to draw from. The redeemed imagination has the Spirit of Beyond dwelling within.

Standing on this side of Beyond, I wish I could just shout, “Hey, look past the lies! It’s all true about Jesus! He’s right there beside you. The Angels are all around you. You just need to believe. You need to talk back to the Voice and ask Him to open your eyes to see the Beyond.”

But, I can’t. Your spirit is dead to the Beyond and only Jesus can jump-start your spirit to enable your eyes to see. To TRULY see! Until then the Beyond will only be a myth. Something that those crazy Christians thought of to make themselves feel better about a life that sucks. That’s what is meant to be Born Again. Your Spirit is resurrected and you become a citizen of the Beyond, a new creation. You are welcomed Home to the Land of True Love… Heaven.

The Beyond; the land beyond Before.

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