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Biblical Christian sermons can demonstrate the Holy Spirit in action.

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – There is a difference between a Sunday sermon from one who believes in the inerrancy of Scripture and one who doesn’t. Those who pull out a verse or two from the Bible in order to merely frame a moral illustration sound hollow and impotent in their faith. Confident they have the authority to reject passages that don’t support their personal worldview, they teach only theology where human nature and God’s truth intersect. The farther they remove themselves from the deep truths of Scripture, the more they preach under human power rather than God’s power, and it shows.

Those who preach with an acceptance of the whole complement of God’s word have the power, through the Holy Spirit, to do so with confidence, conviction and humility. Sadly they are attacked, both for speaking the full truth and, at times, for their pride and self-righteousness. 

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