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Biblical Post-Christian News for Friday, December 9, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Marriage Bill – Washington Stand – “House Dems Shoot Down Religious Freedom Protections to Radical Marriage Bill… The chances of a Democratic-led House lifting a finger to protect religious freedom were always slim. This is, after all, the same chamber that sent a sweeping same-sex marriage bill to the Senate without so much as a nod to the First Amendment. Their message to non-conformists was simple: the government is coming for you. And despite the urgent pleas of House and Senate conservatives, that hasn’t changed.”

Methodist Exodus – CBN – “TEXODUS: 439 Texas Churches Leave United Methodist Church as LGBTQ Schism Unfolds Across US… Over the weekend, two of the four United Methodist Church (UMC) regional conferences in Texas approved the requests of 439 congregations who had asked to leave the denomination after disagreeing with the UMC over same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly gay pastors. 

Oppose Trans Procedures – Washington Stand – “‘Medicine and Science Are Being Politically Perverted’ to Oppose Trans Procedures: Biden Official… The transgender-identifying individual who serves as the Biden administration’s assistant secretary for health has warned that “medicine and science are being politically perverted” by those who oppose transgender procedures for minors, telling medical professionals to question whether parents are truly motivated by “care and compassion” when they seek to protect their children from the transgender industry.”

Pre-Marital Sex Illegal – World – “Indonesia criminalizes sex outside of marriage… Indonesia’s Parliament on Tuesday revised the country’s penal code to criminalize sex outside of marriage, prohibit the promotion of contraceptives, and ban defamation of the president and state institutions. The code maintains the previous criminalization of abortion but made a legal exception in cases of rape or to save the mother’s life before 12 weeks gestation. President Joko Widodo is expected to sign the law—even if he doesn’t, the legislation will become law after 30 days. The new code makes sex outside of marriage punishable by a year in jail and cohabitation punishable by six months.”

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