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Biblical worldview extinction, France, TikTok, Dominion & Fox, More…

Friday, March 10, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“Biblical worldview ‘much closer to extinction’ after COVID-19 lockdowns: survey”…

“The vast majority of Americans — 96 percent — do not hold to a biblical worldview following the COVID-19 lockdowns, according to a new survey.

Calling it a “significant change” in Americans’ worldview, the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University led by researcher George Barna found in its survey that the lockdowns impacted the already-dwindling number of people who claim to hold a biblical worldview.

In what Barna called the first national study of its kind, the incidence of biblical worldview declined to a mere 4%, down one-third from the 6% recorded just months before the pandemic lockdowns started in March 2020. “

Christian Post

“Lawmakers Pound AG Garland Over Alleged DOJ Targeting of Pro-Lifers”…

“As U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland received pointed questions from Republican senators during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, concerns are growing about President Biden’s Justice Department becoming politicized through the targeting of pro-life individuals and organizations.

The latest allegations surfaced Wednesday, when it was reported that the FBI may have sent an informant to infiltrate a meeting of the pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) in January. Records show that a recording of the meeting was later used in federal court to prosecute PAAU Director of Activism Lauren Handy.”

Washington Stand

“France and Fiscal Suicide”…

“At the top of the list, according to OECD data, is France, where government spending consumes nearly 60 percent of the nation’s economic output.

Like most nations in Europe, France is dealing with demographic decline. People are living longer, and also having fewer children.

And that means fewer people pulling the wagon and more people riding in the wagon.

The net result is that the burden of government spending is going to climb by another 12 percentage points of GDP over the next four decades.”

CSN News

“Facing Crime Surge, NYC Mayor Tells Storeowners To Ban Face Masks”…

“New York City mayor Eric Adams (D.) on Monday instructed store owners to refuse entry to people wearing a face mask in an effort to crack down on masked robbers, three years after Democrats repealed a nearly 200-year-old city law that banned face masks in public.

“Putting out a clear call to all our shops, don’t let people in the store wearing their facemasks,” Adams said in a radio interview, referencing the latest New York Police Department guidance that owners should require shoppers to lower their masks to identify themselves when they enter an establishment.”

Free Beacon

“BREAKING: Middle school removes gender identity lesson after Libs of TikTok exposé”…

“Parents of Copley-Fairlawn Middle Schoolers were alarmed to find out their children were set to be taught about gender identity as part of their fifth-grade health curriculum.

In a letter sent to parents, Ms. O’Donnell, a health teacher at Copley-Fairlawn Middle School, introduced the puberty education that fifth graders would receive. She wrote that the lessons would cover the physical and emotional changes that can be expected during puberty and would be taught in a w”

Libs of TikTok

“Vendors abandon popular San Francisco farmers market as drug addicts overtake streets”…

“A San Francisco resident is warning that one of the city’s popular farmers markets is on the verge of extinction after being “taken over” by drug dealers and addicts from nearby homeless encampments.

Jenny Chan, who shared a photo online that shows how encampments have overwhelmed the Civic Center, described the city as on its way to becoming “the next Detroit” on “Fox & Friends First.”

“People are leaving. Businesses are closing down. It’s very unacceptable to live this lifestyle. I mean, the farmers market used to be the heart and soul of our city, and now we can’t even have that,” Chan said Tuesday.”

Fox News

“‘Incredibly Angry’: Fox News Staff Reportedly Fuming About Dominion Filings”…

“Many Fox News employees are reeling in the wake of stunning court filings released as part of the defamation lawsuit against the network by Dominion Voting Systemsaccording to The Daily Beast.

Court documents released in recent weeks have included bombshell revelations about the inner workings of the right-wing network, including text transcripts appearing to show that star hosts and network executives sought to mollify former President Donald Trump and his supporters by giving airtime to lies about the 2020 presidential election despite knowing the stories were bogus. Meanwhile, journalists in the network’s news side appeared to have caught flak for pushing back against those narratives.”

Huffington Post

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