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Book Battles, Arrested Priest, Vouchers, Gascon, More…

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“As Book Battles Erupt across the Country, Idaho Turns to Legislation”…

“A school board meeting in Anchorage, Alaska took a testy turn last week when a local dad decided to read aloud from one of the books the district was using to promote “tolerance.” “We hear so much about ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity,’” Jay McDonald said. “[But] we don’t often see specific examples … So today I brought an excellent representation … from one of the books that was just recently purchased for our libraries.” He barely made it three sentences before the vice president of the board ordered him to stop.”

Washington Stand

“Priest charged after praying outside abortion clinic decries criminalization of thoughts”…

“A U.K. priest charged after praying outside of an abortion clinic said free speech is being threatened in his country. 

“Nobody should be criminalized for the thoughts that they’re having in their own head, and this is what I was threatened with arrest for,” Father Sean Gough told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday. “I wasn’t actually arrested, but I was interrogated for it and questioned about the thoughts that I was having in my own head, my prayers to God, and then I was charged for doing just this.””

Fox News

“Another Media Downsize: NPR to Fire 10 Percent of Employees”…

“NPR is cutting 10 percent of its workforce over falling advertising profits, the media organization announced on Wednesday, joining outlets such as the Washington Post, Vox Media, and Buzzfeed that have recently announced major layoffs.

The layoffs, which will affect around 100 employees, stem from a projected revenue loss of around $30 million. “We’re not seeing signs of a recovery in the advertising market,” said CEO John Lansing, who plans to announce which jobs get axed by the end of March.

Free Beacon

“Social media firms don’t even bother fighting misinformation anymore”…

“Never a day goes by without some lie about LGBTQ+ people being posted on social media. Maybe it’s that the community is going to add P to its acronym to welcome pedophiles. Or perhaps it’s conspiracy theories about how monkeypox is spread. Whatever the falsehood, it barely matters. Haters know the quickest way to spread it is to post it on social media. 

So how are the big tech companies dealing with the ever-growing flood of lies and misinformation? By slashing the staff who are supposed to counter it.

As big tech cuts budgets and shifts its priorities, the few resources it had to combat the damaging lies on social media are dwindling even more. YouTube, which Google owns, fired two of its five misinformation experts, two of its five policy experts, and reduced the team enforcing its policies. 

LGBTQ Nation

“Power to Parents: States Weigh Allowing Use of Education Vouchers for School Choice”…

“Something big is happening at the state level across the United States. The most recent state is the state of Iowa. What’s going on? Well, the state government is giving enormous power to parents in order to choose the educational context appropriate for their children. And in this case, when it comes to choose, it’s not inventing a new right, it’s because it’s very clear that in the United States, thanks be to God, parents have the right to choose how their children will be educated.”

The Briefing

“Bipartisan Resolution in Congress Introduced to Get Billy Graham Statue Project Moving”…

“It’s been more than seven years since North Carolina lawmakers voted to replace a statue of former governor Charles B. Aycock in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall with one of evangelist Billy Graham, and five years since Graham’s death made him eligible for the memorial. And still, the statue has not been erected. Late last week, U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) introduced a bipartisan resolution to get the project moving. “

Christian Action League

“L.A. DA Gascon Suspends Prosecutor for Misgendering, ‘Deadnaming’ Child Molester”…

“Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon has suspended a prosecutor for allegedly referring to a convicted child molester and suspected murderer by his birth name and the pronouns that correspond to his sex, rather than the name and pronouns he adopted after coming out as transgender.

Assistant district attorney Shea Sanna served as the lead prosecutor on part of the Hannah Tubbs case, according to a Fox News report citing law enforcement sources. Sanna has argued in the past that jailhouse phone calls show Tubbs was attempting to use gender identity to game the justice system — an argument that sources say made others in Gascon’s office uncomfortable.”

Yahoo News

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