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Born Again


Our verse for today comes from John 3:7, “Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’”


This verse is about as close as I come to disagreeing with Jesus.  Now I know that puts me on shaky ground, He being the Son of God and all.  But when He tells us not to marvel that we must be born again, I’m thinking there’s not much more I could marvel at, if I can’t marvel at being born again.  I mean, who can do that?  Now, it’s not marvelous that we must be born again, for sure.  That only speaks to our dead souls and sin-filled lives.  Nothing we have or can conjure up is worth the dirt we come from, much less deserving of a place in heaven, with God, for eternity. 

But it is marvelous that we can be born again.  It’s marvelous that in eternity past, God saw that we would be in the state that we’re in, and He would make a way to fix it.  It’s marvelous that He chose to do it all for us, that it doesn’t depend on us at all.  It’s marvelous that it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  It’s marvelous that it happens completely out of His love for us, regardless of what we’ve done or who we are.  To me, it just doesn’t get any more marvelous.


And that was Jesus’ point to Nicodemus.  It shouldn’t marvel us that we have to be born again, that’s as plain as the nose on our face, or the sin in our hearts.  It should be obvious that being a certain nationality, or holding a certain position, or doing a certain amount of deeds could not gain us favor with Almighty God.  There’s not a list long enough to make up for the darkness of our hearts.  Be we should never stop marveling at the rebirth and new life that God offers to us, all on behalf of His Son.  We should never tire of hearing how badly we need a Savior, and how sufficiently He filled the role. 

And if we ever do stop soaking in the marvelous, then our lives will reflect that.  The wonder and awe that fills us with compassion and obedience and grace will be replaced with an attitude of complacency and routine.  The joy you knew will be lost in the striving.  So, marvel at every word Jesus told us.  And marvel even more at what He did for us.  And then marvel some more.


As we seek Him today, try to fathom how marvelous being born again is.  Consider where Jesus takes us from and all that He gives to us, and thank Him for doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

Rich Holt | BCWorldview.org


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