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Canada Pastor, Muslim US Call to Worship, Abortion, TikTok, More…

Monday, April 17, 2023

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“Canadian pastor spent Easter weekend in jail after protesting drag queen events”…

“The cops come up, you can already see in the video, they arrest me, they’re not telling me even what I’m arrested for or what the warrants are for,” he lamented.

The police informed Reimer that “there’s a warrant out for eight additional charges.” 

The eight charges include five counts of breaching court conditions, two counts of causing a disturbance and one count of criminal harassment, according to The Calgary Herald. “

Christian Post

“First major city votes to allow Muslim prayer call to be broadcast at all hours”…

“Minneapolis residents will be serenaded with the exotic sound of the Muslim call to prayer after the city council unanimously voted to amend the city’s noise ordinance in order to allow it to be broadcast at high volume over loudspeakers in public areas throughout the entire day, the first major U.S. city to do so in a historic vote that took place on Thursday.

The traditional prayer call, known as the adhan or azan, is recited five times daily from dawn to nightfall through the entire year, and while Minneapolis mosques have broadcast the prayer call before, the previous version of the ordinance had prevented some early morning and late evening broadcasts, limiting the number of times that it could be heard to as little as three times a day.”

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“Abortions Have Increased in N.C., Despite Reversal of Roe”…

“Abortions are declining nationwide, but North Carolina — tragically — is bucking the trend, according to new data.

The report from the pro-choice Society of Family Planning found an average of 5,377 fewer abortions each month in the U.S. from July to December last year compared to the previous months before the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson decision. The organization named it the #WeCount Report. Nationwide, there were 32,260 cumulative fewer abortions from July to December.”

Christian Action League

“Montana becomes first state to pass bill banning TikTok”…

“Montana lawmakers gave final passage Friday to a bill banning the social media app TikTok from operating in the state, a move that’s bound to face legal challenges but also serve as a testing ground for the TikTok-free America many national lawmakers have envisioned.

The measure now goes to Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte for his consideration.

The state House voted 54-43 to pass the bill, which goes further than prohibitions in place in nearly half the states and the US federal government that prohibit TikTok on government devices. Montana already bans the app on state-owned devices.”

NY Post

“Trans ideology is ‘fundamentally incompatible with Christian beliefs,’ attorney warns”…

“For Mary Hasson, it all started in 1996 with a small band of “transsexual activists” who met in Houston. 

It was at that meeting that the International Bill of Gender Rights was created, a document which stated, among other things, that humans “have the right to define their own gender identity regardless of chromosomal sex” or genitalia; the right “to change their bodies cosmetically, chemically, or surgically;” and the right to enter into marital contracts and bear children.

“And nobody cared,” Hasson, an attorney and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., told CP’s Generation Indoctrination event in Dallas. “It was a document that fizzled, got no attention. That was 1996. “

Christian Post

“School district bars teacher from putting John 3:16 in her email signature”…

“A Virginia high school teacher has been instructed by school officials that she must remove a Bible verse from the signature of her work email messages. For years, since she was first hired by the district, she has included John 3:16 with her signature. However, the district’s acting superintendent claims that emails sent in her capacity as a school employee “constitute school-sponsored speech bearing the ostensible endorsement of the School Division.”

In his view, the district’s stance avoids a violation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause which bars government from favoring one religion over another. He added that the district’s determination “is not based on any particular religious viewpoint” and would be made “with respect to any religious expression” incorporated in an employee’s email signature block.”

Denison Forum

“Is America Losing ‘That Old-Time Religion’?”…

“Religious faith is important to most Americans, but they worry that traditional beliefs are getting watered down.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of American Adults say religious faith is important to their daily lives – up from 71% in 2018 – including 49% who say faith is Very Important to their lives.

Only 23% don’t consider religious faith important to their daily lives. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Rasmussen Reports

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