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ChapGPT, Army, 50k Babies Saved, Roald Dahl, More…

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“Mark Cuban issues dire warning over ChatGPT”…

“It’s who controls the AI models and the information that goes in them,” Cuban told Stewart in December. “Once these things start taking on a life of their own, and that’s the foundation of a ChatGPT, a DaVinci 3.5 taking on a life of its own, so the machine itself will have an influence, and it’ll be difficult for us to define why and how the machine makes the decisions that it makes and who controls the machine.”

ChatGPT and its growing competitors are part of a fresh wave of sophisticated computer intelligence called generative AI, which are systems that can produce content from text to images.”

Fox Business

“What Wokeness? Army Claims Extremism Has Nothing to Do with Recruitment Woes”…

“When the military isn’t shooting down Chinese UFOs, it’s dealing with another ballooning problem: recruitment. The Army’s 15,000-person shortfall is still keeping leaders up at night, as they scramble to understand what’s keeping this generation from enlisting. “They just don’t see the Army as something that’s relevant,” Major General Alex Fink said after reading the results of the branch’s latest survey. But it’s not because the military is woke, he told critics. That and the mandatory COVID vaccine have nothing to do with the Armed Forces’ problems — or so the Biden brass would have you believe.”

Washington Stand

“World’s oldest Hebrew Bible headed for auction”…

“Sotheby’s London says the oldest and most complete Hebrew Bible will be displayed in London next week before auction in May. The so-called Codex Sassoon is named after previous owner David Solomon Sassoon, who acquired the manuscript in 1929. Sotheby’s estimates the 1,000-year-old book could sell for up to $50 million, which would make it the most valuable printed text ever sold at auction. After being shown in London, the book will be exhibited in Tel Aviv, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York, where the auction will be held.”


“Children born in Vermont can now be identified as non-binary from birth”…

While it is already legal to amend birth certificates if a child is nonbinary, the state’s health department will now allow babies to be identified as such at birth. 

“We felt that by telling people they have to choose one of the binary genders and then can later amend, it delegitimizes the nonbinary gender marker,” said Meg York, lead attorney for LGBTQ+ Family Law Project at The South Royalton Legal Clinic at Vermont Law and Graduate School, to VTDigger.  “It implies that ‘M’ or ‘F’ are really the true genders.”

LGBTQ Nation

“50,000 babies saved: How pro-life can go beyond pro-birth”…

“It is estimated that roughly 50,000 more babies will be born each year as a result of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last July.

For those who oppose abortion, every one of those lives is a cause for celebration. For those who think differently, that’s 50,000 women who will be forced to carry, and often raise, a baby that they didn’t want.

But while there are many stories of women who are grateful once the child arrives, most who feel inclined to get an abortion do so because their lives were difficult before adding a baby to the mix. Fortunately, an increasing number of people are taking steps to help make sure that being pro-life means more than just being pro-birth.”

Denison Forum

“Microsoft Puts New Limits On Bing’s AI Chatbot After It Expressed Desire To Steal Nuclear Secrets”…

Microsoft announced it was placing new limits on its Bing chatbot following a week of users reporting some extremely disturbing conversations with the new AI tool. How disturbing? The chatbot expressed a desire to steal nuclear access codes and told one reporter it loved him. Repeatedly.

“Starting today, the chat experience will be capped at 50 chat turns per day and 5 chat turns per session. A turn is a conversation exchange which contains both a user question and a reply from Bing,” the company said in a blog post on Friday.


“Here are just some of the words scrubbed from Roald Dahl’s books”…

““Fat,” “ugly,” “crazy” and even “female” — these are some of the words that have been controversially scrubbed from Roald Dahl’s famed children’s books by so-called sensitivity experts.

The move to remove or alter references to gender, race and physical appearance in newer editions of the beloved books quickly sparked outrage, with many accusing the publisher, Puffin Books, of censorship.

The revelation was first reported by the UK’s Telegraph last week when the outlet published an extensive list showing hundreds of changes to books like “Matilda,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach.””

NY Post

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