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Christian Doctrine Comes From the Source


Our verse for today comes from John 7:16, ” Jesus answered them and said, ‘My doctrine is not Mine, but His who sent Me.’ “


There is a list, as irregular as it may seem, ranking the top 50 sermon themes of all time. No justification is given for the rankings, however, and no details are provided as to the research and study that generated the list. The makeup and order of the topics could merely be the workings and opinions of one man for all we know. But at the top of the list, perhaps quite expectedly, is the love of God. From there the list follows with the greatness of God, peace, the strength of God, and so on, until it reaches lent at number fifty. Conversely, a Christian magazine reported the results of a survey indicating topics that pastors would not preach on at all, or only sparingly. Among those on the list, quite predictably, were homosexuality, abortion, same-sex marriage, women’s role in church, and election. Now, our church has a particular stance on each of these areas, and many more. But the marvelous thing about that stance is its source. It does not come from our pastor. Neither does it come from a church constitution, the history of our church, or any particular articles of faith. Our stance, what we would call our doctrine, whether on the top fifty themes or the bottom five topics, comes from the source. God’s word is the ultimate authority for what we believe. And part of that is because that is the way it was for Jesus. Every truth He shared, every command He gave, every piece of instruction He taught came from God the Father.


God has a particular way that He intended and designed everything. He set the way for man to be saved. He formed man and woman and created the family. He raised Christ from the dead and declares His wrath against sin satisfied. Doctrine and theology don’t ordinarily send the masses scurrying to fill the churches. More than likely, the listener is interested in hearing something that has to do with himself more than with the manifold wisdom and glory of God. But tickled ears will only suffice for a time. The heart must be reached, and it is the word of God alone that can reach it.


As we seek Him today, spend some time pouring over the doctrines of the One who gave them to Jesus.

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