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Christian Presence at Abortion Clinics

I responded recently to an article written by a very well-meaning author on the subject of Christian presence at Abortion Clinics. His premise was that we should be caring for women in their neighborhoods and, in the event of their pro-choice decision to abort, we should be offering support rather than pre or post advice. 

My response took the form of quoting from his original article (italic), offered below, with minor edits.

Respectfully, you have mixed theology and messages in your post, painting an inaccurate picture of abortion, Jesus, and the response of Biblical Christians. Inserting truths like “The Bible is pretty clear God is against child sacrifice, murder, and violence against each other.”  provides an assumption that other statements in your post are therefore accurate, which, again, respectfully, I would dispute. 

  • “But Jesus still wouldn’t be picketing….” –  First, Jesus is God, the God of the OT as well as the NT. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, I would not be so sure what Jesus would do to the coordinated annual killing of 862k unborn babies in America, alone. Second, Jesus does value righteous indignation, exemplified in turning over the tables of the money changers in the outer temple court (Matt. 21:12-13). Then there are verses such as Mark 3:5 , 1:41, and John 2:17 as well. 
  • “Because Jesus never, not once, needed to shame or scream at or belittle anyone as a way to convince them to follow Him.” – Jesus, and the Biblical Christians who “correctly” protest at abortion clinics, do not need to “scream or belittle anyone”. However, if you think Jesus never shamed anyone in the Bible, I’ll send you some verses (such as “you brood of vipers” Matt. 12:34).
  • “So what would Jesus be doing? He would [be] hanging out in the neighborhoods around the clinics and ministering to the needs of the people there.” – Absolutely correct, but this behavior of Jesus does not preclude other behaviors such as the OT God and turning over tables.
  • “Or, would Jesus give her a hug and have a talk with her, either pre- or post- abortion procedure?” – This is exactly what Biblical Christians do when they are ministering correctly at abortion clinics. You are making a blanket statement that we are all screaming and belittling those who wish to enter. Here is a post of mine from a time our church went to “protest”.
  • “Attitudes of condemnation are inappropriate in those who have accepted the gospel.” – Again, I agree completely. 
  • “The final decision whether to terminate the pregnancy or not should be made by the pregnant woman after appropriate consultation.” – Respectfully, that will not be the decision of the Supreme Court. Further, this is not the view of God, confirmed by your own words at the top of this post. Are you suggesting the woman’s decision takes precedence over God’s?
  • “Therefore, any attempts to coerce women either to remain pregnant or to terminate pregnancy should be rejected as infringements of personal freedom.” – What about the “personal freedom” of the unborn child who is killed? What about my point in #6 above? Again, does “personal freedom” take precedence over God’s commandments? 
  • “Is it easier to pray AT someone, or to pray WITH someone” – Your implication is that a Biblical Christian has to choose one or the other. We obviously should do both. At abortion clinics one prays an intercessory prayer that is not even heard by the women. 
  • “[Christians] write her off and condemn her to Hell” – You are stating a twisted theology if you believe this to be true. This is not the view of Biblical Christians. Faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9), forgives ALL sin, both pre and post-salvation. ALL sin! 

To conclude, I didn’t intend to be so aggressive on this subject when I started writing a response to your post. I know, without a doubt your heart is in the right place as you see media reports on the violence at abortion clinics and think that is the norm. It is not. It is media hype because that is what makes people want to watch, especially these days with the Supreme Court in the mix. However, the violence and anger in the days ahead will come from the pro-choice group, not from the pro-life folks who, 99% of the time, do exactly what you are suggesting, pray and offer grace, love, and support, trying to help women make the choice to not kill an innocent life. 


In my view, the media is a fault here, not this author, except for his discernment perhaps. We all need to be on guard as the evil one prowls around seeking to devour (1 Peter 5:8). What better way than to attack women who have to make life and death decisions that will impact them for a lifetime. Today, we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg, as we head into a season of renewed controversary regarding Roe v Wade.

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